Tired days – Tips for better sleep anyone?

black and white selfie

Tonight i have slept very bad… I have always had problem with my sleep and tried to do a lot of things to make it better. For example i am:

  • Sleeping with earplugs
  • Downloaded an app that change the blue light on my mobile screen in the evenings to a more orange one that are not supposed to disturb the sleep as much.
  • Trying to get rid of all my extra energy during the day so i am really tired in the evening
  • Not drinking coffee too late in the afternoon

Do you guys have any good tips how to get better sleep? 🙂

A weekend with guests

I really love being at my summerplace, it is so peaceful and relaxing. But sometimes that can be a bit boring, so than it is good to have some friends coming over for a visit.

This weekend i had my friends Bella and Jocke here for two nights. Had a lot of fun and drank a lot of beer. Good times.

picknick i vadstena gränna playing golf

In the pictures you can see:

  • Pick-nick in Vadstena
  • The terrace of one of our cabins
  • Mom, Jocke & Emma Shooting some golf-balls from our yard

Just chilling at my summerplace

I have not been updating much lately, but i had nothing to update about! I have just been here at my summerplace, working, chilling, running, sleeping. Nothing more fun than that, but it has been really nice. My whole 2018 has been a big travel so i needed to relax a bit.

TB to the Koh Rong islands

One of my favorite stops among our Asia Trip was the islands in the South of Cambodia. Such a beautiful place with amazing beaches and sunsets. Still very untouched. But i bet it wont stay like that for too long.

Koh rong islands friendly dog on dock

Back in Sweden once again

Today i am very tired, except from travelling yesterday i also slept very bad because of the heat.. Yes you read right, i could not sleep good because of the heat, IN SWEDEN! But i should not complain, i am very happy about the weather, especially since i am spending these days at my wonderful summerplace and that the nights problem was an easy fix by just changing the blanket to a much thinner one 🙂

swedish sunset

Now i want to stay here for a while! I think my flight yesterday was number 16 this year only..

Eating sushi in Malta

Since i arrived in Malta one week ago i have been eating out a lot, like you do when travelling. Even if this is not really like travelling for me, it is more like visiting my other home.
But i have had cravings for sushi every single day! Normally i vary my food a lot but i this time i think i have been eating sushi almost every day. Eating sushi out, ordering sushi to eat in bed.. you name it. But i tell you one thing, there is a lot of good sushi places here on the island. i will write you guys a guide to great sushi in Malta later 😉

eating sushi at hugos lounge

That pair of shoes that every women needs (at least me)

Yesterday i could not hold myself (again), and i did some online shopping before i went to bed. But this time i actually bought a bunch of stuff that i really need. One of the things i ordered was a pair of classic black pumps. I have some at home that i had for ages, but for some reason they dont fit me anymore, so i was in need of a new pair. Hopefully they will fit me fine 🙂

black pumps

Aren’t they gorgeous? <3