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    Minnen från när jag och min pojkvän tog en heldag där vi bara vandrade och upptäckte nya delar av Malta. Det är så sällan man turistar i det land som man bor i. Och när vi bodde på Malta besökte man oftast samma platser. Denna dag för 3 år sedan så tog vi bussen en bit uppåt av ön och vandrade sedan hela dagen. Hittade en massa mysiga badplatser och ställen med riktigt fin utsikt. Hittade även små stenhus som hade små hål i golvet med stegar som gick kanske 20 meter nedåt. Självklart klättrade vi ner där och hittade ytterligare mysiga platser precis vid vattnet.

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    kuya st julians malta

    Sov hela flygresan (som var väldigt kort) men var fortfarande helt slut när vi landade på Malta. Träffade två vänner vid flygplatsen och delade taxi med dem hem till en annan vän som vi bor hos här.

    Jag visste redan när jag vaknade imorse att jag skulle behöva ta en tupplur när jag var framme, men vi var både väldigt hungriga så innan vi la oss för att sova så fick det bli ett besök på en våra favoritrestauranger i St Julians – Kuya.

    De serverar Asiatisk streetfood och allt är verkligen SÅ gott. Ska du besöka St Julians någon gång så är Kuya ett måste om du uppskattar god mat, stor portioner och bra priser.

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    Eating sushi in Malta

    Since i arrived in Malta one week ago i have been eating out a lot, like you do when travelling. Even if this is not really like travelling for me, it is more like visiting my other home.
    But i have had cravings for sushi every single day! Normally i vary my food a lot but i this time i think i have been eating sushi almost every day. Eating sushi out, ordering sushi to eat in bed.. you name it. But i tell you one thing, there is a lot of good sushi places here on the island. i will write you guys a guide to great sushi in Malta later 😉

    eating sushi at hugos lounge

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    Renting a yacht in Malta

    If you are a smaller group of people who would like to take a nice boat trip while visiting Malta you should definitely consider to rent a yacht. Normally you can be maximum 12 persons and the yacht will be yours from around 10.00 – 18.00. If you are 12 people the price would be around 47 euro per person and it includes a driver and water. You can bring your own drinks and food.

    We rented a boat that took off from Portomaso yesterday and spent the whole day around the Comino island. It was a fun trip with a nice group of friends and im really happy i made out on the ocean during this trip to Malta.

    renting a yacht in malta

    Now i am exhausted though.. Having a couple of days left at the island and then i am flying back to Sweden were i will go straight to my summer place <3

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    No sleep & no meet

    Yesterday was a veeeeery long day. We never went to sleep on Monday, instead we stayed up to go straight to the airport and take the flight that left 06.30 in the morning. Since it departures from Stockholm Skavsta we had a bit to go to get there.

    On the way we bought some burgers from MAX since my boyfriend was starving. Luckily for me they actually had some great vegetarian options! (Have not been at MAX for years).
    Well, when we were finally on the bus towards the airport my boyfriend noticed that NONE of his burgers has the meet in them, they simply forgot to add it. He was not very happy! XD
    watching football vm outdoorswatching football vm outdoors

    It all ended well for him tough. After arriving in Malta we slept for some hours, worked, and then we headed to the beach St George bay to watch the Nigeria – Argentina game and have some nice food and drinks.
    But tonight is the BIG game!

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    My flower-pants

    Flower pants
    One thing i noticed was very popular on my trip to Malta was the pants i was wearing my first night out. My flower-pants, or maybe i should call them trousers. I must say i am very happy about them myself and they have a very nice fitting and are very comfy. Great buy!
    If you feel like purchasing your own Floral/Flower pants you will find them at Boohoo via this link.

    /Post contain affiliate link

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    A very tired Monday

    swedish and brazilian

    /not the best quality but the pic is taken from a mobile during the night t a party in an abandoned building.

    This morning it was extremely hard to wake up. Even if i got pretty good amount of hours of sleep i still felt like a zombie when waken up. Probably because i had a flight from Malta to Sweden yesterday and i am jet lagged… Naah 😛

    No but i had a really nice weekend, a lot to do and a lot of people i wanted to see but i did not have the time. It felt like the weekend just rushed by super quick. At least i met some of the people i wanted to see, which was really nice. We had some nice dinners and parties together.

    This week some of them will also arrive to Sweden. I feel like i had a lot of Maltese (people i met in Malta) hangouts lately, both in Sweden and Malta, which is fun, i really met some great people there.

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    A day at Kuya Beach

    Yesterday was a really nice and lazy day. We went to Kuya beach for nice food, drinks and swimming in the pool. As usual we ordered their calamaris with wasabi-mayo, my boyfriend loves those! And i had a curry with shrimps as a main. After the lunch i had the worst food coma ever and totally passed out on my sun bed. Woke up an hour later with pattern all over my face and body from the towel. I always do that. We stayed a little bit longer before we decided to go back home and prepare for the dinner, thats apparently was a surprise dinner for me 😀

    asian food kuya beach drinks

    What is Kuya Beach Club?

    Kuya beach club opened up during the summer of 2017 in Malta. Kuya i from the beginning a food truck that quickly got really popular and opened up an restaurant in the heart of St Julians. Their menu is very different from other foods you find in Malta and well worth a visit.
    The restaurant quickly became a lot of peoples favorite which resulted in them opening up a beach club in Sliema for their customers to enjoy a day by the pool while getting served great food and drinks. If they will continue with this next year is still yet to see.