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    TB – Langkawi

    beach in langkawi

    A picture from when i visited Langkawi during the spring. I really loved it there. The place we were staying was great, the beaches are beautiful, the sunset is amazing!! And the beer is extremely cheap. The last one is very important 😉

    No, but drinks in Malaysia is in general pretty expensive (for Asia), but Langkawi is a Tax free zone. And it was so cozy to get some drinks to bring to the beach for watching the sunset. And when it got dark the beach is full of fire-dancers. Some very talented ones. I have a video somewhere, i will try to find it later for you guys.

    This picture is from one of the islands around Langkawi tough. I visited some really nice and beautiful ones. Sadly, some of them would have been much more beautiful if not all the tourist throwing trash everywhere. I am actually getting pissed when i see that, why is people so ignorant and lazy? I mean come on, how hard can it be, bring your shit that you going to use, drink & eat at the beach, and when you are done bring your shit back. Its not like its getting heavier when its time to leave.

    Alright, im done bitching! 😀 Luckily, most of the places i saw in Langkawi did not have this problem. It was just very beautiful and the people was very nice and friendly. I think i will start doing some travel guides to be found in my categories later. I have so much to tell and recommend about all my travels that i would like to share with you guys if you ever going to same places! 😀

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    Back in KL

    And we are back in Kuala Lumpur. We left Langkawi today (such a nice place) and headed back to the big city before leaving Malaysia for this time. We really liked it here in KL so we decided to spend 2 last days here. Now we will go out for the night food market which have all sorts of delicious and cheap things to try out.

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    Night snacking in Malaysia

    One thing you really need to try if you ever go to Malaysia is the evening food markets you most likely will find in the cities. A must try is the stands where you pick your own food and then boil it, chose your sauce, eat and then pay. They will charge you depending on the color of your sticks. Where we ate everything was between 0.50 – 3.00 MYR. A very cheap and delicious treat.

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    My company at work today

    There is a lot of cats over here and i love it! Why? because i love cats and i can also see that they are threatened very well over here. The cats are also very friendly and like being cuddles with. Another sign that they are threatened well over here 🙂

    I also have a bunch of chickens running around here and searching for food. A very peaceful place to work for me since i love nature and animals.

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    Arrived to Langkawi yesterday and it is soo nice. Not only the place, but the fact that we decided to have some relaxing days. Not waking up early to work and go sightseeing, not visiting every tourist thing there is on the island, but just sleep long in the mornings, wake up and have breakfast and work, and later in the afternoon heading to the beach and have a beer.

    This is actually the first time during my trip that i sit in the sun on the beach and have some beers. Belive it or not (beer junkie as i am), but i have been travelling for month without really hanging out at the beach at all for a day. Still hasn’t thought, only a few hour, but it might happen here in Langkawi, finally 😀

    langkawi beach

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    Fooding around in Malaysia

    One aweosme thing to do over here if you love food just like me! It is to go to a lot of Hawker centers, or food markets inside shopping malls and try out a lot of smaller dishes. You mostly find the food places on the lowest floor of the shopping malls and they are the best, dont get fooled by fancy restaurants on the other floors 😉


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    In Malaysia

    I realized something these last weeks… it is really hard to find a hotel with really good wifi over here! Luckily we have a shopping mall close by with a food court that have good wifi.

    Oh btw, i am in Penang right now. Arrived here from Borneo a couple of days ago. I had one of the best experience in my life in Borneo, but i will tell you more about it later when i can upload some nice pictures from my camera too 🙂

    But so far really love Malaysia, i always wanted to go here and my gut feeling have proved me right. Kuala Lumpur is an amazing city, not as cool as Singapore but it really has a lot of cool things to offer too and it got this amazing big city soul with all different kinds of people.
    Borneo (Kuching) was amazing in a very different way, cozy city and great nature. And Penang is really nice, the city is awesome to walk around in with all the street art, and the food is apparently some of the best in the world, lucky me!

    frida in kuala lumpur