Everyday life

A sleepy day with political debate

picture of me

Tired day… i actually fell a sleep for an hour during the afternoon. And hen i am doing that i am VERY tired since i normally never fall asleep daytime.

Well at least i woke up and could continue getting some work done and be ready in time for the political debate. I wont write much about it since i dont want to have a political discussion forum in my blog. But i am very interested in this subject and after this debate i must say we have some real nutcase at the tables, some people that can not even answer questions without attacking other parties with everything they have. That behavior belongs in the sandbox and not in a political party.
Luckily i also saw some mature and direct answers to important questions 🙂

My Monday


frida christina

Started this day with some running in the nature, the best way to start the day. But i was too tired to do so yesterday. But even if i was tired my Monday was really good. A trip to the city (had to go by a hospital) and after that i sat down at a cafe to do some work. 

After 5pm i met up with my friend in the city and took a walk to her place. She cooked some delicious risotto for me and i finally got to see her and her husbands new apartment (after some years:p). Well, nice place, nice food, nice talks 🙂

The rest of the week i will continue trying to go out for a run in the morning, early or late… does not matter.

Clubbing in Stockholm

nightclub slakthuset stockholm

This weekend have been a lot of fun. I had a girls night with my best friend and her baby on Thursday evening. Dinner guests on Friday and a girls night out with an old friend yesterday.

I have not been out clubbing for a long time in Sweden (i mainly stick to my rock bars) but it was really fun! Probably because we didn’t go to Stureplan like most of the time when its clubbing time, instead we went to Trädgården and Slakthuset, and it was so much more fun!

club in stockholm

Blurry pics, i know. And i did not take any pictures the other days. But you know what they say, the less pictures the more fun you actually had 😉

Wake up and run!

Woke up a little bit later than normal today, but i stayed up late watching Avangers infinity war. And i loved it! It was much better than i expected since a lot of people told me it was not that good, so i did not really have high expectations.

wake up and run

A little while ago i was out for my morning run. I love that i finally started with that again, i feel so much better and receive more energy. I am that kind of person that jump up from the bed immediately after waking up and need to do something. So running is a perfect way to start the day for me.

What kind of morning person are you?

Back in Stockholm

driving my little ford

Yesterday i arrived to my home in Stockholm. Even if i love being at my summer place i felt that i wanted to spend some time in Stockholm too. But today i wont do much more than work and maybe play some video games later. I am very tired and i need to get some good rest before i start making too much plans for the upcoming days.

Where are we moving next?

It was the second time i played croquet today and i won! I am finding more and more hidden talents this year that i did not knew i had!! 🙂
Other than that i think this will be my last week at my summer place. I want to spend some time in Stockholm with my friends before the summer is over and i have to leave again… And now to the never ending question.. where are we moving after Sweden? We dont know yet. But we are a bit closer to an answer that we were yesterday at least.