Everyday life

Chilling around in Bangkok

Eating & drinking my way through the day

Eating & drinking my way through the day


I have always been told that Bangkok is not something too special to see and that it should only be a quick stop during your trip to somewhere else. However, i love it so far. Maybe it is because we are staying with friends that lives here and know where to go, maybe because we have read about some of the most famous scams in this city which got us to avoid them (two times only yesterday), or maybe because we have been stressing around most of our trip to be managed to see all the things worth seeing. Or maybe because i am finally allowed to do some shopping.
I have been allowed before of course, but i did not really have any extra space in my backpack, but since this is our last stop, we will buy a big bag that we can fill with stuff and bring back to Europe.
Lets see what we manage to find.. However, Bangkok is absolutely worth a visit!

My kind of peaceful place

I have been very bad with the update lately but i have also been very lazy these last days, and all the time i had spare from my laziness has been my working hours. My trip starting to go towards its end and i really just wanted to enjoy our last days in Cambodia before leaving to Thailand, and we really did. I absolutely loved it over there and i had a great time! Will tell you more about it with a long blog post and a lot of pictures when im back in Europe (like i told before i would).

At the moment i am in our friends apartment in Bangkok where we arrived yesterday after a loooong trip. Today i will spend the first part of the day by working, and later i will go out to explore the city, i am very excited actually!

In Otres Beach

Yesterday we left the island life and was supposed to go for a few nights to Sihanoukville, but one of our new friends here told us that we should take a 15 min ride away from Sihanoukville instead and go to Otres Beach that is supposed to be much better. And i am sooo glad we did, it is totally awesome here! The place we are staying at, the village, the restaurants, the surroundings,  EVERYTHING! I will share a lot about this place in a post when i am back in Sweden again. 19 days to go!

Black Lips, Nay or Yay?

Chill day with a rock evening

Yesterday i barely left the hotel… and it was great!
I woke up, went out for a nice breakfast, went back home and just chilled in the bed while doing some work mixed with playing some games on my phone.
After that i did not leave the hotel until it was dark outside. Than i went to pick up my laundry and just happened to hear some great KISS music playing load from Hard Rock Cafe here in Siem Reap. So i ran home to quickly drop off the laundry and ran back to the bar to sit down with a beer and listen to the live band that was playing for the night.

Such a great evening, the band was great and they played a lot of good classics and a lot of covers that i wished for. The name of the band i ROCKSTORM if you ever visit Siem Reap and want to keep an eye open in the Hard Rock Calendar. God i miss having good rock music around me.


And it happened again

I am very sorry for the bad update lately, but i managed to get food poisoned AGAIN! Right after i got cured from the first one. Or maybe my stomach just wasn’t great yet and i went back to eating like two grown up men like usual again.
Well at least i am good now. And i managed to make up my own cure for my stomach this time, i ate a bunch of super spice chilies since i came up with this theory that they will burn out all the virus in my stomach. Well, looks like it worked. High-five to myself!
Maybe i should have started a carries as a doctor instead…

About yesterday evening

We are staying REALLY close to the party street in district 1 here in Ho Chi Minh, so we could not really skip going out for some drinks at least a few times (reasons reasons).
So yesterday we went out for some dinner which was really nice, and i finally found some great sushi!
After that we went to the party street for some drinks. We choosed a place with very little people and not to loud music. We felt like having a evening with more chill and drinks than party.

Soon we are going to meet up with some friends that just arrived so lets see what this evening has in store for us.