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Waiting for my coffee

Busy days here in Spain. at least I have some time to update my blog from my phone while I am waiting for my morning coffee. Finally! I did not have any yesterday or the day before.

What do you crave in the mornings?

Dont understand why they serve chips to everything :p

Busy days in Spain

The days goes by and i am very busy. This trip to Spain is not for vacation so i have not been out spending time to check out some cool buildings or hanging out at the beach. Hopefully i will have some time to do that this the weekend, maybe tomorrow since i have to work today.

But i have plans on going out for some good Mexican food tonight. Spain is one of few countries in Europe that actually serves real Mexican food from what i have seen. So i always looking forward to enjoy one of the worlds best cousins when i am here visiting.



One night in Barcelona

Tired, tired and once again tired. I arrived to Barcelona yesterday evening and spent the night there. We realized we did not have an AC in the room when we arrived so this nights sleep has not been the best. Well, now we are on our way to Valencia were we going to spend some days, or a week? We have not decided yet, so lets start with 4 days 🙂

At least we had some nice tapas yesterday at a place called Lute before we went home to sleep in our warm room. I am not a pasta person but when i eat pasta i like it to be a creamy one. This truffle cannelloni was creamy AF. I liked it. The place itself was also very nice and they had a lot of other good food and drinks to chose between.


Last day in Sweden

A very tired day after a very fun weekend. Unfortunately it is Ls last day in Sweden and tomorrow we are leaving my home. My flight number 17 this year…. oh god i am tired of flying now. And i will have to book number 18 soon too. Well, hopefully it will be a nice trip at least 🙂

Guess where we are going next?

Cherry bowl



Breakfast, the meal of life! Sometimes in the evening when i am already in bed i start dreaming about what breakfast i will have when i wake up. Thats how much i love breakfast ;D

This smoothie is made from: banana, yogurt, blueberries and raspberries

On the top i have:

    • Cherries
    • Hempseed
    • Peanut butter
    • Coconut

Deal from ideal of Sweden


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Just received information about ideal of Sweden’s latest campaign where you get one extra cellphone case for every case you are buying. That is a pretty good deal, and their cases are flawless!
It basically works like this:

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
Buy 2 Get 2 FREE
Buy 3 Get 3 FREE

Valid until 19/8 – 2018

Keeping my fingers crossed that they will get cases for my phone too soon.. Meanwhile i can always buy them as gifts 🙂


A sleepy day with political debate

picture of me

Tired day… i actually fell a sleep for an hour during the afternoon. And hen i am doing that i am VERY tired since i normally never fall asleep daytime.

Well at least i woke up and could continue getting some work done and be ready in time for the political debate. I wont write much about it since i dont want to have a political discussion forum in my blog. But i am very interested in this subject and after this debate i must say we have some real nutcase at the tables, some people that can not even answer questions without attacking other parties with everything they have. That behavior belongs in the sandbox and not in a political party.
Luckily i also saw some mature and direct answers to important questions 🙂

My Monday


frida christina

Started this day with some running in the nature, the best way to start the day. But i was too tired to do so yesterday. But even if i was tired my Monday was really good. A trip to the city (had to go by a hospital) and after that i sat down at a cafe to do some work. 

After 5pm i met up with my friend in the city and took a walk to her place. She cooked some delicious risotto for me and i finally got to see her and her husbands new apartment (after some years:p). Well, nice place, nice food, nice talks 🙂

The rest of the week i will continue trying to go out for a run in the morning, early or late… does not matter.