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    Public Holiday in Malta


    Found some Snaps from yesterday (you know its a great night when you ending up having one million snaps the day after)

    My public holiday have been spent mostly in bed. It got a bit later yesterday than planned but we had a lot of fun. The evening started with a bunch of people coming over to watch the latest episode of Rick & Morty and Game of Thrones. After that we played some games (best game ever, will share it here in the blog later), and later we ended up going out for a few drinks close by. So i am a little tired today, luckily we just have cozy plans for the evening, movie night and dinner with a bunch of friends in front of the projector.

  • Beauty

    Loreal Colorista review

    Two of the times that i have been visiting Sweden this year, i have coming back home to Malta with a new hair color. The first time was during easter, and the second time was this last Tuesday. Both of the times was very spontaneous. I just walked in a store and found this hair colors from Loreal and could not resist. After all they are just staying in your hair ca 5-10 washes, depending on which color you chose. The first time i picked the purple color and the second time i picked the light blue color. I guess you already figured out that i liked them, especially since i choose to use the color a second time.

    My basic hair color

    Normally i have blond hair. Bleached, especially in the tips. The rest of the hair has my natural color with bleached stripes and the top i have a pretty far gone outgrowth that only contains my natural color. Someone can figure out pretty quick that the color wont change my full hair, not with those light colors i picked, it will mostly be shown where my hair is bleached the most. But thats fine, that was actually what i was looking for.

    How to use Loreal Colorista and result

    To use these colors is very simple. You get a package with a description, plastic gloves and a tube with the color. The color is already mixed (at least the ones i bought). So you just make sure that your hair is clean and dried (for the best result) and than starting to add the color to your hair. Leave the color in your hair for up to 20 minutes (depending on how strong result you wish for) and than rinse it out. I left it for 20 minutes and that was perfect. I was very happy with the result both of the times. It is mostly shown in my lower half of the hair but wherever it is bleached you can see the color. If you want to have a really strong color that is in your whole hair you will need to bleach all of your hair pretty heavy before using these colors.

    Where to find Loreal colorista

    The places i have been seeing them when i have been out shopping is H&M and ICA. And thats the two places where i decided to buy them. But if you dont have any of those stores close to you, you will find them for same good price (from around 10 euro and up) at some online stores. Best prices for Loreal colorista online i have found is HERE and HERE.
    Loreal Colorista Blue result
    loreal colorista blue result

    Loreal colorista Purple result
    Loreal colorista purple result

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  • Food

    Shrimp Sandwich @ Bryggan Cafe och bistro

    shrimp sandwich jönköping

    For you who already know me are probably already very familiar with my love for food. Especially when it comes to seafood. One big favorite that i always eat during my visits in Sweden are the shrimp sandwich. I have tried all different types of shrimp sandwiches and know exactly where to find the really good ones. But of course i love to try out new places too.

    During my last trip to Sweden i went to a place in the city Jönköping called ”Bryggan cafe & Bistro”. A really nice place with a great view. The interior design is very fresh and cozy and i will definitely go back there. But not for the shrimp sandwich. It was ok, but thats all. And for that price it was not really worth it. It was very small and pretty tasteless. A disappointment to be honest. but my company was very happy about their food. The sandwiches looked really nice and big, the salads looked very nice (i will definitely go for the beet root salad next time), and the sweets looked delicious. And they also had some good Ipa. I was there during daytime but i can imagine that it is a really nice place to hang out during nice summer evenings in their outdoor serving spot.

  • Fashion

    Red Autumn

    It is still only August, i know. But i recently found out that i will be really trendy this upcoming Autumn. One of the most popular colors on the fashion market for this Autumn is red. A color that i love and wear a lot. Especially on my lips. And it doesn’t matter which kind of red, dark red, light red, coral red, you name it. So for you who also adore this strong color will be happy to know that the boutiques and online stores will be filled with this wonderful color during the colder months of this year.

    The color red mostly stands for energy, love and passion, but it is also a very dominant color and not everyone likes to get the attention that the color can give you. Luckily, the trendy color is not only for clothes. There is several accessories to chose between. Perfect to wear with a more simple outfit that has a color that are not standing out too much. I have collected some examples of trendy accessories that goes with the color red. And i will continue to share some awesome fashion and accessories during this Autumn since one of my favorite colors is on the trend list this year.

    red fashion
    Prices and where to find it:
    Earrings ca 15 euro HERE, Lipstick 8.39 euro HERE, Lipliner 4.36 euro HERE, Mobile case 38.98 euro HERE, Shoes 37.11 euro HERE

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