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    Matcha med mini

    gina tricot barnkläder

    Hur fina outfits finns det inte på Gina Tricot just nu där du kan matcha med din mini? Tycker dessa plagg är så otroligt söta. Beställde hem ett par själv igår som jag tänkte visa när de kommer på posten 🙂

    gina tricot

    Jag har innan försökt hitta plagg som vi alla kan matcha med. Både jag Luis och Zoe. Inte några speciella plagg så, utan mer pyjamas eller träningskläder. Men det har inte riktigt gått hem hos Luis då han tycker det blir larvigt :p Nåväl. Jag ska nog lyckas få till matchande myskläder eller något senare. hur glad kommer inte lilltjejen vara om hela familjens outfits matchar under framtida myskvällar hemma? 🙂

    mini kollektion gina tricot

    Tills dess så får jag matcha ensam med bebisen. Och här fans det ju massor av fint!

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    My new rain boots


    Jag älskar mina nya regnstövlar från Tommy Hilfiger. Eftersom min vinter antagligen inte kommer bli så snöig utan mer regnig så passar dessa perfekt nu och jag kände att det var något som jag verkligen behövde. Det enda problemet som uppstår nu är hur jag ska få med mig allt jag shoppat ner till Spanien, känns som att jag hämtar paket var och varannan dag 😛

    // I am totally in love with my new rain boots from Tommy Hilfiger. Since my winter this year probably will contain more rain than snow i tought this ones will fit perfect for the season. And it felt like something i really needed. The only problem i have right now is how the h*ll i am going to fit everything i bought in the bags i am bringng to spain, feels like i am picking up packages each and every other day :p //

    The site i ordered from has a lot of nice fashion from different brands and you can find some really good prices in there. 
    If you want to have look you can go here: Best Secret

    (it is not an affiliate link, it is an invitation link)
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    That pair of shoes that every women needs (at least me)

    Yesterday i could not hold myself (again), and i did some online shopping before i went to bed. But this time i actually bought a bunch of stuff that i really need. One of the things i ordered was a pair of classic black pumps. I have some at home that i had for ages, but for some reason they dont fit me anymore, so i was in need of a new pair. Hopefully they will fit me fine 🙂

    black pumps

    Aren’t they gorgeous? <3

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    More flower pants for the ppl!

    If you didnt know it already, i loove pants with flower pattern. Here is another one of my fav ones here at home. Also those are bought at BooHoo, ofc. Best online shop ever!
    Check out these goodies i have on me and check out these other beauties they have on their site.


    I want those, and those, and those and those!

    floral pants


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    The perfect winter jacket

    So winter is coming… and since it was 4 years ago i spent a winer season in Sweden last time i am in BIG need of a winter jacket. Yes sure i already have some at homes, that i used before. Like my Canadian Goose jacket. It is nothing wrong with that BUT, it has real fur, which didn’t bother me much a couple of years ago, but since i am much more aware of how terrible they treat those animals and how much they have to suffer just because we want to feel nice in a real fur… Nah, than i dont really see the beauty of  in any more, opposite, i actually get disgusted from real fur…

    Luckily we have a lot of super nice products these days called fake fur! And most of them you can not even tell it is fake. So no need for real ones to look nice ladies 😀
    So i have been searching AF for a nice and warm winter jacket.. Since we never know about Sweden, some winters its like a summer in Finland, and some winters are like if Antarctica made babies with Ojmjakon in Russia. So we need to be prepared for whatever might come!

    So what do i look for in a winter jacket?

    • It has to look good and be love at first sight!
    • It has to be really warm! Im a cold MF
    • Short design… i know, a long one is better for keeping the heat, but i really dont like long models on me…
    • Big fluffy nice looking fake fur

    Aaaand, which brand (according to me) has the absolute best looking winter jackets this year?
    ANSWER: RockAndBlue & Hollies. So many beautiful jackets… but so little sixes left… Life is harsh sometimes… until yesterday! When i saw one of my absolute FAV jackets from Hollies, in my size (hope i picked right) at Nellys.com. So i ordered it! And believe me, it was like Christmas mixed with an orgasm when i pressed the order button.

    Hollies jackets
    Find the jackets HERE.

    PS. Most of the jackets from Hollies have models with both real and fake fur. It depends from where you order.

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    Red Autumn

    It is still only August, i know. But i recently found out that i will be really trendy this upcoming Autumn. One of the most popular colors on the fashion market for this Autumn is red. A color that i love and wear a lot. Especially on my lips. And it doesn’t matter which kind of red, dark red, light red, coral red, you name it. So for you who also adore this strong color will be happy to know that the boutiques and online stores will be filled with this wonderful color during the colder months of this year.

    The color red mostly stands for energy, love and passion, but it is also a very dominant color and not everyone likes to get the attention that the color can give you. Luckily, the trendy color is not only for clothes. There is several accessories to chose between. Perfect to wear with a more simple outfit that has a color that are not standing out too much. I have collected some examples of trendy accessories that goes with the color red. And i will continue to share some awesome fashion and accessories during this Autumn since one of my favorite colors is on the trend list this year.

    red fashion
    Prices and where to find it:
    Earrings ca 15 euro HERE, Lipstick 8.39 euro HERE, Lipliner 4.36 euro HERE, Mobile case 38.98 euro HERE, Shoes 37.11 euro HERE

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