Red Autumn

It is still only August, i know. But i recently found out that i will be really trendy this upcoming Autumn. One of the most popular colors on the fashion market for this Autumn is red. A color that i love and wear a lot. Especially on my lips. And it doesn’t matter which kind of red, dark red, light red, coral red, you name it. So for you who also adore this strong color will be happy to know that the boutiques and online stores will be filled with this wonderful color during the colder months of this year.

The color red mostly stands for energy, love and passion, but it is also a very dominant color and not everyone likes to get the attention that the color can give you. Luckily, the trendy color is not only for clothes. There is several accessories to chose between. Perfect to wear with a more simple outfit that has a color that are not standing out too much. I have collected some examples of trendy accessories that goes with the color red. And i will continue to share some awesome fashion and accessories during this Autumn since one of my favorite colors is on the trend list this year.

red fashion
Prices and where to find it:
Earrings ca 15 euro HERE, Lipstick 8.39 euro HERE, Lipliner 4.36 euro HERE, Mobile case 38.98 euro HERE, Shoes 37.11 euro HERE

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