Being sick sucks

This sucks. I have been sick since Wednesday. 3 days of fever, coughing, snoring, headache, yeah pretty much everything.  I have not been this sick for a long time and i hope i wont be again in the nearest future. I had zero energy this whole weekend, and still have. Buuhuu poor me.

Well.. at least i have a warm home to get pampered in while being sick. Nice food and a lot of candy. But i also need to do some important things, which i have not had the energy to do these last days of sickness. I was also gonna meet up with my girls yesterday for a nice evening with dinner and Melodifestivalen. Which got cancelled. Apparently not only me who is sick right now. Which was a bi sad since we not manage to put all of us together very often.

But what did you guys think about Melodifestivalen last night?
I was way to stuffed in my head to focus on the songs or who won.


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  1. Hatar att va sjuk :/ Legat i två dagar är fortf förkyld men vem fan bryyyyr sig hahaha

    sv; Min helg va bra, din då? Jaaaa jag älskar också skräck 😀 Riktigt nice att mysa ner i soffan och bara glo på de 😀

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