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Tips of good reading before sleeping

The last couple of months i have started to read before going to bed. Since i have had a lot of sleeping issues i got a tips from my friend about reading books instead of watching tv and the mobile in bed. The light from the screens are activating the brain, which makes it hared for you to fall asleep but are also affecting your whole night of sleep. Ina bad way of course. So i am trying (as often as i can) to put away my phone and turn off the tv at least 1 hour before i am planning to sleep. And it has helped me actually. And i have also started to appreciate a peaceful moment of just dreaming away in a book again.

The books i have read before sleeping is just simple made up feel good stories. Perfect before going to sleep.
I have read around 5 books lately and they have all been pretty good. But i found two favorites. One of them i am actually still reading, but i realized it is the same author as one of the other books i read lately and really enjoyed, Kristin Emilsson. So that is why i would like share these author with you guys and the two pocket books that i got from her.


books books


The way this author is writing and the fantasy she has when creating the stories for her books is really entertaining. I really enjoy reading these fun, feelgood books with scenarios that could actually happen in real life.


  • Linda

    Åh inte läst något av den författaren alls, vad har jag missat!?
    Svar: Inte så mycket sol här i helgen. Men idag däremot visade sig solen från sin bästa sida. Underbart med ljus! Ja hihi konstig sträv känsla på läpparna, lite svårt för det,hehe.

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