A very fat but good evening

Yesterday was a great day. I Manged to get a lot of things on my “To Do” list done during the day and in the evening i went to meet up with my cousin Rikard for a horror movie night. He had made an awesome dinner with a Kantarell toast as starter, and salmon with mashed potatoes and salad for main.

After dinner we took a sauna and had a beer before starting the movies. During the movie we also has some semlor and chocolate.. omg i was still full when i woke up this morning. And more unhealthy stuff is waiting this week. But i guess we all need those kind of weeks sometimes 🙂

beer in the sauna swedish semlor

3 Replies on “A very fat but good evening

  1. åh semlor!! 😀

    haha jag är likadan xD skönt att höra att man inte är ensam om att vara en sån läppstiftsjunkie ;P jag har aldrig varit i london men vill såå gärna åka dit nån gång :)​

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