Everyday life

What a weekend, or at least what a start of the weekend. We went on a rock cruise to see one of my absolute favorite bands, Accept. The band was awesome (as always), just as the people i went there with. Had a lot of fun and i really started to feel that it is time for another trip soon. Where and when i dont know yet.

One really cool trip that my dad is doing every year is that he and his biker crew take their bikes and ride down Europe to visit some countries among the way. How awesome is that? They just fill some backpacks with the necessary stuff and than leave. For his upcoming trip he have received a pair of overshoes from me that i received from Cykelkraft.se. They will work as a protection for his shoes and feet if the weather gets a bit messy during the day. They will help him to keep the ride waterproofing/weatherproofing for the feet. He was very happy when receiving them and hopefully they will fulfill their purpose during the trip.


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