Yesterdays cinema



Yesterday i went to the cinema with Elisa. We went to see Insidious 4. I am not going to the cinema very often, but when i do i always choose some cool fantasy movie in 3D or a horror movie. Not the most popular genre, but luckily i have some friends with the same bad taste in movies like i have.

The movie itself was ok, not the best but not the worst. I really love horror movies but it has to be something extra to really impress me within that genre. I want a really good story to the movie that leaves you a creepy feeling afterwards.

Cozy Sunday 

With Netflix and chill. And popcorn. Let’s not forget the popcorn, a very important factor to higher the cozyness of a Sunday evening. Now to the problem.. we just finished the show we were watching. 

So shout out your fav Netflix show below in a comment please! 

Once upon a time

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a girl. She was young and confused and didnt know much what to do in life, exept from partying and listening to rock music. One day she decided that this is not the life she wants to live. So she bought a flight ticket and left. After some years she started to miss her home, she started to miss the life she had before. So one day she decided to fly back. It was a wonderful return in all kind of ways, but after a while the girl felt like she might have done a misstake. Is this life really for her?

Yes, the girl is me. And i dont know how much truth it is within this story right now, or if it is just one of these days. We never really know, do we?

wonderful dress

Need to pimp my routines

And once again it is Sunday.. Tome flies and i started to realize that i am getting more and more into my everyday routines. That has to stop. I really don’t like getting into the same routines, doing the same thing day after day after day. It is simply not me. Well, it is hard to just totally change everything, but some small stuff could be changed every week. “Many small streams makes a big one” as we say in Sweden.
I mean, look at my schedule for this week… I need to add something more to it. At least i will go for some different kind of training on Thursday. Will be fun!


The solution to all my problems

Hello you all!
I am snotty again… i am so tired of getting a little sick all the time. And thats also one of the reasons i have not been updating my blog properly these last couple of days. There is really nothing to update about, since i am low on energy and i dont feel like taking sick selfies of myself.. Maybe i could put up a TBT (Throw back Tuesday) blog post. I could share some pictures from all the trips i have been doing these last couple of years… or my 3 years in the island of sun. I think that is the problem, i moved from the sun to the land of darkness and now my body is screaming for vitamin D. .. I will start eating that, that is the solution for all my problems right now!


omg omg i actually saw the sun!!!

Pizza topped with blueberries

pizza with blueberries

Yesterday we were out having dinner to celebrate my cousin who turned 25. We went to The Public in Sundbyberg, i really like that restaurant, not because of the food, but because of the atmosphere and the place. The interior design is very nice there.

They had a pretty big menu, but a lot of dishes with meat, that i am not eating. So i took a pizza topped with chevre cheese, red beets, honey and blueberries. Really good!

Tonight we will continue the celebration 😉

Today i got hit by a car

Seriously i actually got hit by a car. On my way to work. When i was at a zebra crossing, and i had green light, a car showed up super quick from around the corner and i got really scared. Luckily the driver was quick on his brakes, and luckily my gym-bag was in between me and the car, which reduced the hit.
The driver left, and i was too shocked to take the number plate and just started to walk towards work instead.. Jeees.

hit by car