Need a better immune system

And here we go being sick again… what is this? Well i actually have figured something out, why i am getting sick all the time lately. For you who doesn’t know already, i am not eating meat, i do eat fish but thats not everyday. So i think my immune system is a little bit pissed at me since my body probably does not get enough protein… and i am working out. So this upcoming month, i will try to find everything that contains a lot of protein that is not meat and include it in my daily meals. Hopefully it will help..

That also means that i will share awesome meat free meals with you guys, that still contains protein! Cuz i guess i am not the only one out there that try to cut down on the meat or stop eating it completely.

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  1. Lurigt när man byter kostupplägg, hoppas ditt immunförsvar blir gladare med mer protein framöver. Blir roligt att se vilka rätter du hittar på!:)
    sv: Jajjemen det gick utmärkt att besöka i stort sett alla inspelningsplatser utan guide, men det är inte helt enkelt att hitta dem eftersom man gjort en hel del dataanimering i serien så det ser lite annorlunda ut i verklikgheten!

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