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    Recension – Naobay Detox Illuminating Micellar water

    naobay detox ansiktsvatten

    Nu har jag använt ansiktsvattnet från Naobay som jag fick i förra månadens LookFantastic Box ett tag och jag älskar det. Som jag tidigare nämnt så älskar jag märket Naobay sedan tidigare. Framför allt när det kommer till rengöring. Men jag har inte testat deras ansiktsvatten tidigare, men det kommer jag absolut att fortsätta med nu.

    Vad är Naobay Detox Illuminating Micellar Water?

    Produkten är ett ansiktsvatten/rengöring som rensar bort orenheter från huden och förbereder den för att bli återfuktad. Den innehåller grönt te och hallon som skyddar mot miljöföroreningar, och citron, salvia och aloe vera som återfuktar och lugnar huden. Denna produkt rekommenderas för de som är ute efter effektiv och mjuk rengöring som är skonsam mot huden.

    Hur använder man produkten?

    Kläm ut lite av vattnet på en bomullspad och torka sedan lätt i ansiktet.

    Vad tycker jag om produkten?

    Jag tycker den fungerar riktigt bra. Först och främst så luktar den underbart, precis som de flesta andra av deras produkter. Sedan märker jag hur den fångar upp orenheter och sminkrester som inte försvunnit då jag tvättat ansiktet med make-up remover eller tvål.

    Naobays produkter har dessutom ett högt innehåll av naturliga och organiska ingredienser som är biologiskt nedbrytbara och Ecocertifierade samt cruelity-free.


  • Skönhet

    Lets talk about NAOBAY

    So during these past 6 months i have been getting Glossy boxes delivered to my home every month. And i also accidentally ordered two extra special editions because i must say, they are freaking awesome! Not everything in the box is of course, but most of it. So i will start updating you guys about the absolute BEST products i received from my Glossy Boxes. And i will start with something that i didn’t thought from the beginning would be something i would appreciate this much.

    Cleanser from NAOBAY

    This product is not only amazing for my skin, it also smells like heaven. Or actually, it smells like a set of Bambi towels and soaps that i had as a kids, which i LOVED! So it makes my love this product even more.


    So why did i thought in the beginning when i received it that i wouldn’t like it so much?
    Well, i am not using thick cleansing creams. I think they are tricky to wash off and i always ending up black around my eyes. I prefer light gels that are easy to wash off. This is a gel in one kind of way, but it is very thick. I was very suspicious to start using it at first, since i thought i was just going to end up having to clean my face all over again with something else. BUT NO! This one cleaned my face pretty good, and it left the skin feeling very moisturized and soft. Perfect during those dark and cold winter months when the skin can get dry and boring.

    So here it is, i simply love this product. It is something i never thought about using but now i can not live without. The best friend for my skin atm.

    It is made from ecological oils such as almond and olive oil which help to moisturize the skin & promotes the natural cell renewal. It also contains apricot oil which are calming and refreshing for the skin and prevent it from looking tired and fatigue.


    So where do i find this product and how much does it cost?
    I received mine from Glossy Box but i did a run in Price runner to find out where the best price would be when i need to buy a new one.
    At Nordicfeel you will get a package with 75 ml for 139 SEK and with free delivery.

    I also saw that they have an offer right now that gives you a 10% discount on your order if you use the code: JANUARI when checking out. It is valid until 28/1 – 2018.


    NAOBAY cleansing