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    Podcasts – What i am listening to right now

    I am actually still a newbie when it comes to podcasts. I started to listen to them only in the end of last year and i ask myself every day after that why i didnt start earlier! But on the other hand, i have so many awesome podcasts to catch up with now. One of my absolute favorite thing this year has been to just lay down at the beach and put on a good podcast and just be by myself listen to it.

    My favorite podcasts (some of them)

    So far i have manage to get a few favorites among the ones i have tried listen to. They will mostly be in Swedish tough since that is my native language, but i also listen to some in English, they are mostly work related tough.

    #1 Spöktimmen. I am a sucker for the supernatural and creepy stuff and i cant get enough of all these unsolved mysteries, ghost stories and dangerous games stuff. The last one was actually one of my favorite episodes, didnt thought it was going to be when i started to listen to it but damn that one creeped me out, and like the weirdo i am i loved it! The girls who has this podcast is also great at telling the stories and talk about different theories and you can really tell that they love this shit too. A lot of cred to them!

    spöktimmen podcast

    #2 Framgångspodden. A podcast with Alexander Pärleros where he interviews people that are well known in Sweden. It can be anyone from a famous singer to a political involved person, but the thing they have in common is that they are successful in some kind of way. It is really interesting to listen to these interviews, especially the political involved ones since we have election in Sweden later this year.


    #3 David Batras Podcast. I could not, not listen to this one. David Batra is one of my absolute favorite comedian in Sweden and he caught my heart a looong time ago with his character Ulf in the tv-show Kvarteret Skatan. In this podcast, Batra and his sidekick Anna Sahlin brings up small but very funny news that they discuss together with the different guest they are having every week (which is also a comedian ofc). This podcast was my best friend during long bus strips in Asia, i mean they are long and boring but still i managed to laugh my way trough them.

    podcast med david batra

    Next time i share some of my favorite podcasts i promise to bring up some English ones too!

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    Sweden vs Mexico

    Yesterday was a great day! I was working in ultra speed so i would be ready to leave from home around 15.30. I went to a pool area to watch the game outdoor with my boyfriend in the sun while having some drinks. 5 min after we sat down a bunch of old friends showed up and took the seat just behind us, how lucky am i! 😀

    The fun part was that every single person who watched the game where we were was Swedish, except for my boyfriend who is a Mexican.
    He was not happy after we had beaten their asses with 3-0, but the Mexicans is still trough to the next round since German lost against Korea yesterday. So everything ended well. Now i am just lying in bed… deadly tired after all the celebration after the game yesterday and i dont think i will leave the house at any point tonight.

     You can see aaalll your angles in the mirror thats in the hallway. Even a little bit of an Mexican angle

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    No sleep & no meet

    Yesterday was a veeeeery long day. We never went to sleep on Monday, instead we stayed up to go straight to the airport and take the flight that left 06.30 in the morning. Since it departures from Stockholm Skavsta we had a bit to go to get there.

    On the way we bought some burgers from MAX since my boyfriend was starving. Luckily for me they actually had some great vegetarian options! (Have not been at MAX for years).
    Well, when we were finally on the bus towards the airport my boyfriend noticed that NONE of his burgers has the meet in them, they simply forgot to add it. He was not very happy! XD
    watching football vm outdoorswatching football vm outdoors

    It all ended well for him tough. After arriving in Malta we slept for some hours, worked, and then we headed to the beach St George bay to watch the Nigeria – Argentina game and have some nice food and drinks.
    But tonight is the BIG game!

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    What a great midsummer i had. A lot of fun people that included mostly family members, and me and my family is always having a great time together. Midsummer passed waaay to fast and now i am back in Stockholm again.. but not for lung, tonight i will get myself to the airport to head over to Malta.

    How was your midsummer?

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    A trip to my summerplace

    Two days ago me and my cousin Rikard decided to go to my summer place before everyone else i arriving here. So we took the car and arrived here Monday evening and have been here since.

    Everyone else will arrive on Thursday evening to celebrate midsummer here and watch the football game during the weekend. Why i say everyone else is because i actually have no idea how few or many people that will arrive.

    Well, so far the time here has been great, relaxing, having nice walks and meals, working and just chilling in the hot tube drinking beer.
    We had a visitor outside our door on the porch yesterday

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    Elephant sanctuary Chiang Mai

    When traveling around, NEVER EVER support tourist attractions like animal parks where you can pet wild animals, circuses or places where you can ride on wild animals. Taking pictures with tigers and riding on elephants probably seem like a cool thing to do, but it is always suffering behind that.
    A lot of place will tell you that they treat the animals great, that you dont have to worry and that the animals like to do the tourist stuff. That is not true. Can you take a selfie with a big wild cat, it is suffering behind it! If you can ride on top of an elephant, there is suffering behind it! If you can sit and watch a monkey riding around on a bike, there is suffering behind it!

    When i went to Thailand i went to a sanctuary for elephants where five elephants are living at the moment. All five of them have been rescued from tourist attraction like elephant rides and circus. One of them had been there for only a few months now and she still had a lot of scars on her head from humans hitting and torturing her to break her down so she would be willing to carry tourists on her back.

    picking food for elephants

    Luckily there are places like this. Places that want to help and let the elephants live the rest of their life in peace.

    But why cant they just be released into the wild again?
    They have spent most (sometimes their whole) of their life in chains. They might not be able to make it in the wild anymore and there is a big change that they will be caught again and sent to another hell for the rest of their life.

    Well, i was lucky to meet some of these beautiful creatures for day. I spent some time feeding them, walking in the jungle and swimming with them, everything on their terms. And you could really see that the elephant liked the people running this place. There was a baby elephant who ran after the younger staff and played around with them. Like kids should be able to do, not be entertaining humans at a circus. (The baby was rescued from a circus).

    Well, what i wanted to say with this blog post is that i would like to make more people aware of how they treat animals when it comes to tourist attractions… There is no nice way to make an elephant accept having humans riding around on their back day after day. There is no nice way to make a tiger think its fun to take selfies with people day out and day in..

    Instead you can support organizations that are trying to help our wildlife. You probably wont be able to ride on them… But it is so much cooler to meet animals in the wild or animals that are happy.
    I have another cool story from my trip that includes wild animals but i will tell about that later.

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    How to dress for a rock-festival

    I love festivals, especially rock festivals! And one of the best things about attending to one, is all the fun outfits you can wear. I love to dress rocky and sleazy or whatever you would like to call it. But its not outfits that i would use normally on a night out in the city.
    Well, i collected a few favorites i found while searching around on the web. And i also would like to share one of my favorite ones that i was wearing during Sweden Rock Festival. And yes, this post contains affiliate links.

    This body (swimsuit) together with the jeans shorts, kimono and the shoes. Wow!

    And of course you need a pair of fishnets! Like mine on the picture below, i love the ones that have really big holes in them. And when it comes to makeup, just get some dirty black around your eyes or go au natural but with some blood red lips. At least those two are my personal favorites.

    One of my outfits last week (try to ignore the giant piece of toilet paper next to me XD)