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Podcasts – What i am listening to right now

I am actually still a newbie when it comes to podcasts. I started to listen to them only in the end of last year and i ask myself every day after that why i didnt start earlier! But on the other hand, i have so many awesome podcasts to catch up with now. One of my absolute favorite thing this year has been to just lay down at the beach and put on a good podcast and just be by myself listen to it.

My favorite podcasts (some of them)

So far i have manage to get a few favorites among the ones i have tried listen to. They will mostly be in Swedish tough since that is my native language, but i also listen to some in English, they are mostly work related tough.

#1 Spöktimmen. I am a sucker for the supernatural and creepy stuff and i cant get enough of all these unsolved mysteries, ghost stories and dangerous games stuff. The last one was actually one of my favorite episodes, didnt thought it was going to be when i started to listen to it but damn that one creeped me out, and like the weirdo i am i loved it! The girls who has this podcast is also great at telling the stories and talk about different theories and you can really tell that they love this shit too. A lot of cred to them!

spöktimmen podcast

#2 Framgångspodden. A podcast with Alexander Pärleros where he interviews people that are well known in Sweden. It can be anyone from a famous singer to a political involved person, but the thing they have in common is that they are successful in some kind of way. It is really interesting to listen to these interviews, especially the political involved ones since we have election in Sweden later this year.


#3 David Batras Podcast. I could not, not listen to this one. David Batra is one of my absolute favorite comedian in Sweden and he caught my heart a looong time ago with his character Ulf in the tv-show Kvarteret Skatan. In this podcast, Batra and his sidekick Anna Sahlin brings up small but very funny news that they discuss together with the different guest they are having every week (which is also a comedian ofc). This podcast was my best friend during long bus strips in Asia, i mean they are long and boring but still i managed to laugh my way trough them.

podcast med david batra

Next time i share some of my favorite podcasts i promise to bring up some English ones too!


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