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What a lovely weekend

My first real weekend here in Stockholm since i moved back. Friday was a really tired one and i just stayed in watching shows and eating some good food with my mom and my cousin. Saturday had a bit more action. I drove the car for the first time since i got back to Sweden, i went for some really nice shopping in Vällingby centrum (i will show you later), i had a great lunch in the backyard and a really fun evening at Harry B James. So this Sunday have been a bit of a tired day, but cozy. Ordered some nice thai food that i ate in front of the tv where i spend most of the day with my cousin. A calm, not at all productive Sunday, but i will change that in about an hour.

Btw.. omg what i have not been missing the public transport here in Sweden. We took the night bus home last night and it took forever! If hell exist and i ever have to go there, i think the devil will put me on a midnight bus where i have to spend the eternity of feeling really tired and longing for home… but i never get there….

shrimpsandwich and wine


I can really recommend the rose wine in the picture. Very nice and dry.


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