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20171123_2037501896696066.jpgThis was one of my latest treat to myself. Veggie Pizza & IPA (yes its a fav drink)

One thing that i find really important in life is to treat yourself. Not everyday & always of course. But every now and than. I mean, how fun is it if your weeks is only “waking up going to work, leaving work going home, watching tv go to bed”, and than you do that all over again until the weekend comes.

Sometime during the week i think it is important to do something different, to change the pattern and treat yourself. Thats why i try to go for an AW once every week (and no i dont mean to go out and get drunk, i would not manage to do my job if i did), but go out and have dinner, meet up with some friends, have a glass of wine, go to the cinema. Just something to break the pattern that most of us have in our everyday life.

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