Everyday life

Some days will not be as good as others

What a day, so much stress. But now i am finally home, after a day that started with my alarm ringing at 5.50. Sadly no victories this day either with all our paperworks. Well, i guess things cant always come easy. And you know what they say, “Fall down seven times stand up eight”.  And when things not really going my way, depending on what it is, i always have some ways to think about it.

– You cant do anything about something that is not in your power
– It could always be worse
– Work with what you have
– Dont give up, even if you fail, at least you tried
– It is okay to fail, we are only humans
– No one else has any idea of what the hell they are doing either
– 99.99% of the setbacks, it is not the end of the world, you will survive
– If it meant to be it will, sometimes things just take time

Well, now my day was not THAT dramatic so i needed to think all of this sentences in my head. But it had been a pretty bad day so far. So lets change that! From now on, this day will be great, i will open a can of cold cisk, starting a game or a movie and enjoy my free time for the rest of the day, together with my better half.:)



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