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How long time does your make up products last?

I am probably not the only one who is obsessed with buying new beauty and make up products to try out. Sometimes i have to forbid myself from buying any more products until the ones i have is finished. Which makes perfectly sense. Having a stock of hundreds of products is not the best way to go since your makeup products doesn’t last forever. Sometimes it can even hurt your skin instead of helping when you are using products that have gone bad or is out of date. Thats why i want to share this list with you guys. A list of how long your make up products actually lasts normally.

How long does my mascara last? – Your mascara often say on the package that it will last for 6 months after you open it. But you should definitely switch that out more often than that. Mascara is the biggest bacterial bomb of all of your make up products. Bacterias are growing very fast in your mascara after you start using it and can give you an eye infection if used to long. Try to switch it out at least every 3 months.

How long does my eyeliner last? Here it depends if you have a liquid eyeliner or if you have a eyeliner pencil. The liquid one last about 1 year, and the pencil one last around 2 years. This is because you use the pencil sharpener pretty often when using a eyeliner pen. That will remove the bacterias on the pencil every time you use the sharpener.

How long does my foundation last? If you have a water based foundation it will last up to 1 year. If you have an oil based foundation it will last up till two years. BUT, if you think your foundation start smelling bad or different, you should switch it out immediately since it is probably because of bacterias, and will be bad to use on your skin.

How long does my make up powder last? Around 2 years. But you have to clean your brushes often. If you use powder everyday you should clean the powder brush once a week. If you feel that your skin starting to get irritated when using the powder, it might starting to go bad and you should switch it out for a new one. Same thing applies to your rouge.

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How long does my lipstick last? Your lipstick can stay fresh from 6 months up to 1 year and 6 months. It really depends on what kind of lipstick you have. But if it starts to smell bad or feel grainy, throw it away!

How long does my lip gloss last? This can last from a couple of months up to 6 month. It really depends how clean your lips are while using this product. If you dont have clean lips before using it, a lot of bacteria will end up in the container of the lip gloss and start growing. Here is the same with the smell, if you start feeling it smells bad, change it. Also if you start to feel that the liquid gone thinner, than it is also a sign of the product getting bad.


How long does my Concealer last?  Between 6 months up to a year. But like with all the other products, this should be thrown away if it starts to smell bad.

How long does my eyeshadow last? This ones can last for years, as long as you make sure to close the lid after you have been using it. If you have a cream eyeshadow it will last around 2 years.

How long does my lip liner last? This ones work the same as the eye liner. It will last around 2 years as long as you make sure to sharpen it often and keep bacterias away.

How long does my nail polish last? Nail polish lasts up till 2 years. But as you probably already know, if the consistence start getting thicket it is time to throw it away. It is not very useful after it starts thickening either.

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