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My weekend

A lot has been up this weekend. It started with an AW at the office, followed by a dinner out, followed by a visit at Cafe Opera, followed by a visit at Sturehof, followed by a visit at Laughing duck..
With other words it was a long Friday, but i need nights like that ever now and than.

Saturday i spent outdoor with my sister… playing Pokemon Go. Yes, i am playing Pokemon Go! I am one of these people who like to dress up, looking really serious… and hide my mobile when people pass by, just because i am actually walking around playing Pokemon Go. I shouldn’t. Hide it i mean… i dont know why i am doing that 😛
Well it was a successful Pokemon collecting and battle day. I enjoyed it.

In the evening me and my whole family went to my uncle for a crayfish party., and i think we ended up dancing till 5.30 in the morning… It was a fun evening.
And yeah, my boyfriend that i havent seen since beginning of September also arrived last night to Sweden 😀

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