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My Singapore trip

We arrived in Singapore Tuesday 27th February, and left this evening (Saturday 3tth Mars).
These days in SIngapore has been totally amazing. There is so much to see and do in this Country (city). We definitely didnt have the chance to see it all, but i will tell you about some of the highlights of the trip. 

    • One of the absolute best things is their Hawker food places. You can find several of them spread out in the country. But what is a Hawker food center? It is the place you have missed your whole life, is the heaven of good food, and it is cheap. Singapore in general is not very cheap. going to restaurants for dinner and drinks will cost you a bit, especially the last mentioned one. But at the hawker food centers, you will find hundreds of different dishes from all over Asia for a really good price. I meal is around 5 Singapore dollar, which is around 3 euros. Cheap ans yummy AF.
    • Gardens by the bay. We took this very long walk our last day and decided that our destination was going to be Gardens by the bay. Oh god i wished i visited this place earlier. We had no chance to see everything since we had a flight to catch, but we manage to walk around for a few hours. Just behind the city it is this huge garden (i would call some parts of it forest). It was just amazing and i can not really describe it with words, you have to be there, you will be amazed.
      in this garden there is also some huge trees that looks super cool (check pictures), i wished i had the chance to see them by night, but at least i was lucky enough to see them at all. You can even enter one of them and on the top there is a restaurant.
    • The architectur. This city is so well planned, there is not a singe spot that feels unplanned. They use every area they can to create something fantastic. You know when you google future city (or something) and you find pictures that people created in their computer softwares and made them look pretty real. That is how this city looks.
    • Chinese Garden. I really enjoyed this place, even if we almost died from dehydration and heat from the sun. The buildings in this garden are really nice and peaceful. I would love to go here and just sit down somewhere in the shadow to read a book. Another awesome thing about this place is that these really big lizards are walking around there. Apparently they can grow up till 3 meters, and we saw some REALLY big ones. But dont worry. I read that they are not aggressive and will not attack you, unless you try to catch them (obviously).
  • The people. The people living in Singapore are some of the friendliest i have ever met. They are so polite and helpful in every kind of way, and they speak English, which will make it easier for you to have a conversation with them. And at least during these days i spent in this country, i have not met a single person who is not nice and friendly.

Well, this is just a few things that makes Singapore so great. I have also been written down some thoughts about this country while i have been here. Things to think of or just for fun facts.

  • Do not visit a park in the middle of a sunny day. You will get tired and dehydrated since the sun is so strong. It is better to wait at least until it is afternoon
  • They have a lot of weird porridge dishes that seem to be very popular. Frog porridge seem to be the most popular one… I did not try it. But i also doesn’t eat frog.
  • Another main ingredient i have seen in a lot of dishes here is fish heads. A popular one seem to be curry fish head. I do eat fish but eating a fish head did not really tease my taste buds to wanna try.
  • They learned one thing about Scandinavian people, and that is that we can not handle spicy food. Especially since we think that the most spicy dish at the local thaiwok around the corner on our street in Sweden is spicy for real (there is probably some, i have not tried them all). But if you are one of us (me) who adores really spicy food, than you will have to let them know, and probably ask them to add the extra spicy ones to your food. Sometimes they will ask you (luckily if you forgot). And later, you will feel the power of Montezuma revenge.
  • You get 3 pieces of dragon fruit for the same price as 1 cucumber! That is insane!! And a great thing since i love to snack on dragon fruit (but they are so damn expensive in Sweden) but i dont very often sit down and snack on a cucumber.

It was a great trip and i will go back here for sure. But now i have to wave goodbye to Singapore from the airplane i am currently on and continue heading to the new destination. Next stop Bali!


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