Day 1 – Arriving in Singapore

I told you earlier that i, once again, did something spontaneous last weekend. And here it is:
I booked a 3 months trip to Asia. Starting point Singapore, ending point Bangkok. And in between that? Who knows. The only plan we have after Singapore is Indonesia, and after that we will see where we go.

So yesterday (today? im confused) i packed a backpack, bought a new laptop (for work) and took the flight to Singapore with a short stop in Istanbul. So far i manage to go out for a walk in the area where we are staying and also have a delicious dinner. Now i am very tired so i will soon go to sleep. long day tomorrow with both fun and work.

7 Replies on “Day 1 – Arriving in Singapore

  1. Herregud inte så lite spontan heller har faktiskt en arbetskollega som med har dragit iväg dit nu!
    Svar: Tack snälla 🙂 Vi hade en helt underbar vistelse. Men haha gud vad spontant gjort bara sådär, helt fantastiskt. Vad avundsjuk jag är nu! Skall bli roligt att följa med på din resa!

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