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Took the midnight train going… to Nha Trang

Yesterday started great but ended really shitty… I got food poisoned. I have no idea from where or what but suddenly during our trip to Hoi An i started to feel really sick and from there it just went down. And it was the worst possible day for that to happen! We had no hotel room to go and rest in since we checked out already and had a night train booked that evening. I had to sit on a scooter (worst ride ever) feeling ill and freezing, back to our old hotel where i passed out on a hard bench in the lobby until we had to leave for the train. I slept the whole trip and have been sleeping a lot today. Finally i start feeling a bit better but i am still very low on energy. Lets get a good night of rest and keep our fingers crossed that i will be completely restored tomorrow.

PS. i did not want to share a picture of food poisoned me, so here is a picture from a nice walk in Hanoi instead 😀


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