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Dinner & Concert date


Yesterday i went to meet up with my boyfriend after work in Gamla stan. We had booked a table at a restaurant where we had dinner and drinks before going to yesterdays concert. Gorillaz!
I have listened to them since i was a kid and it was really nice to finally see them live.
The show was really good, but i do prefer their old songs a lot more than the new ones to be honest.

After the concert we went straight home, i needed to go to bed and try to get some sleep since i was working today. I wish more concerts was during the weekend, all the good ones is in the middle of the week! And since i just moved back to Sweden from a country that doesnt have to many famous bands visiting them i have a huge thirst for concerts right now. Since i moved back in September i so far managed to see:
– W.A.S.P
– Rolling Stones
– Gorillaz

And a lot more awaits this upcoming year…


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