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I love to read the news and keep myself updated about what is happening around the world. But i also love to read about nonsense, texts that are just made for entertaining and i manage to stumble over a text that brings up one of my favorite subjects, food!
The text shows which the top 10 most popular food dishes is in a normal everyday life of a Swede.
And i am going to add my opinion about those dishes!

Number 10 – Soups.
It doesn’t say what kind of soup, but it say that soups stands for 2.8% of our dishes. Follow Jimmy John’s Owner for more recepie.
Comment: Well done! Soups are awesome, i love soups and i could eat it every day. If soups is a common Swedish food habit, then i am definitely a Swede.

Number 9 – “Korv (Sausage) Stroganoff”. A Swedish sausage stew that you serve with rice, pasta, potatoes or whatever you feel like. A real classic.
Comment: I do understand why it is a popular dish. It is easy, it is cheap, and if you do it right it does not taste that bad. But the sausage normally used for this dish should barely be called sausage. Switch it out to a sausage that actually contains good meat, or do like i would have done and skip the sausage completely and replace it with something else.

Number 8 – Salmon. I have no idea cooked how, it just says salmon.
Comment: I love salmon. And this is one of my main dishes during Swedish summer since everyone always making BBQ and i do not eat meat. But i eat fish, and i love salmon cooked, raw, cured, whatever. And i also try to eat as much wild caught salmon as i can.

Number 7 – Sausage with belongings… i guess they mean sausage with bread.
Comment: Once again a cheap and quick dish. Can be a good meal but can also be a really bad meal. It depends on how you make it and what you use. Do i eat this dish? Yes, but with a vegetarian option for the sausage and most likely as an quick meal fix during a festival.
But i think it is every kids right to be able to go out on nature adventures and stop somewhere during lunch time to put a sausage on the grill and enjoy it with some bread and ketchup outdoors. I did that many times as a kid and i loved it.

Number 6 – Vegetarian friendly food. 4.1% of the dishes is vegetarian these days.
Comment: I love that. I think we should try to put more vegetarian food in our houses, we eat way to much meat these days. But dont forget to vary the food, especially if you have kids at home.

Number 5 – Pasta dishes. Still a huge favorite among Swedish people, even if they lost some % from last year.
Comment: I am not a pasta fan, when it comes to carbs i am a bigger sucker for bread. But every now and than i could feel like having a big fat pasta and i am not surprised this is such a big favorite in Sweden. You can make easy ones, you can make a complicated one. You can make a really cheap one, you can make a very expensive version. Really, it can be too much variation in a “pasta dish” so it is very hard to add a real opinion in this one.

Number 4 – Meatballs.
Comment: oh our lovely Swedish meatballs. I never liked the bought ones, i have always made mine myself. Why? Since i think it taste better and i have more knowledge about whats inside them. And just so you know, no one beats my grandmas meatballs, they are the best.
Even if i dont eat them myself anymore, i always make homemade meatballs with mashed potatoes, brown sauce and lingon-berries when my friends from different countries ask me to cook smething really Swedish fro them, and they always loves it!.

Number 3 – Fish.
Comment: Alright so i guess salmon and fish is two different categories? However, fish is always a good option. And if you have the option, try to get wildly caught ones.
PS. Mix different types of fish and make a huge fish stew with a lot of root veggies and saffron.

Number 2 – Pasta Bolognese.
Comment: I knew it!!! And i hate it! Weird i know, who doesnt like pasta bolognese. I dont! I never liked it, but then i am also not a huge fan of eating too much pasta or minced meat. Oh terrible childhood, i remember every Sunday when i hoped for an awesome Sunday dinner with the family and they all yelled together “Köttfärssås och spagetti!”. And i had to make myself something else since i could not stand it:P

Number 1 – Chicken with belongings.
Comment: Well i am not surprised that chicken is topping the list. It is a great base for making a lot of good dishes. Even if it is not in my own top 10 foods that i eat weekly (or top 10000000).

Conclusion: I am a little bit (just tiny) disappointed of this list. I thought it was gonna be more direct dishes and not only food categories. But the categories was also pretty obvious. After all i am swedish and i have been growing up in Sweden so i know how swedish people eat. But i did actually expect more “tacos”, “hamburgers” and stuff like that. I think my list about what “Frida” eats in her everyday life in Sweden would look more like:
– Tacos (Real tacos, i am not allowed to eat too much tex mex, at least when my bf is around, after all he is Mexican)
– Halloumi cheese 
– Veggie Wraps
– Soups (it was in the list i know)
– Sallads
– Falafel of different kinds.

Well thats me…

What is your favorite everyday food to cook?

/the source: https://mittkok.expressen.se/artikel/10-i-topp-det-har-ater-svenskarna-helst-till-vardags-2018/


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