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Salut me Sweden, im back

Yesterday i arrived in Sweden at 14.30. I have a lot of mixed feelings. I have been in sunny Mediterranean for over 3 years and are now going to spend most of my time here in Sweden again. Both Malta and Sweden are my homes now and i love them both. I just wish i could squeeze them together and create one big happy home where all of my friends can be gathered.

Well, now i am mostly excited about being back. I have a lot to look forward to in Sweden and i cant wait to get started. So you guys will start to see a lot of updates from Sweden, but i will continues to update about Malta as well. And from other awesome countries i have been visiting during my years.

So how did i spend my last day in Malta?
I woke up pretty early to go out for some nice breakfast close to the water with my boyfriend. We had veggie tacos and Moet, and went to Cinnabun after for some nice treats. After that i spend a lot of time to figure out my packing… so much stuff… i already been giving away 3 large bags of clothes but still didn’t manage to pack it all before i had to leave yesterday.
During the evening we went out with a bunch of people for some happy hour drinks at Hugos Middle east, some nachos and beer at Hugos Pub and ended the evening at Corks Karaoke bar. A very chill but nice evening. I enjoyed myself a lot, even if i wasn’t really there all the time, it was a lot of emotion knowing it was my last night in my lovely island that have become a home for me.
moet breakfast

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