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A better Saturday

Yesterday was a big day for me. I managed to succeed with something that i have been practicing for during a long time now. And yesterday it all paid off. And since it was Friday i decided to celebrate. Went out with a bunch of friends to Hugos middle east. Never been there before but their drinks was really good, and we was in perfect time to enjoy some of the happy hour ones. After that we sent to sing karaoke and have some whiskey at one of our favorite bars around here.

I felt the whiskey when i woke up this morning but luckily not too much. After a few slow hours with breakfast in bed we decided to join our friends at Surfside for some nice hangouts in the sun. Best idea ever! I had a really nice day and did really enjoy myself. And that will continue. After just waking up from a long nap it is time to get started for the last house party in this place before we move out.

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