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    How to dress for a rock-festival

    I love festivals, especially rock festivals! And one of the best things about attending to one, is all the fun outfits you can wear. I love to dress rocky and sleazy or whatever you would like to call it. But its not outfits that i would use normally on a night out in the city.
    Well, i collected a few favorites i found while searching around on the web. And i also would like to share one of my favorite ones that i was wearing during Sweden Rock Festival. And yes, this post contains affiliate links.

    This body (swimsuit) together with the jeans shorts, kimono and the shoes. Wow!

    And of course you need a pair of fishnets! Like mine on the picture below, i love the ones that have really big holes in them. And when it comes to makeup, just get some dirty black around your eyes or go au natural but with some blood red lips. At least those two are my personal favorites.

    One of my outfits last week (try to ignore the giant piece of toilet paper next to me XD)

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    Back from the craziness

    had a blast at Sweden Rock Festival like always. So much fun & great concerts. But i must admit that i am completely destroyed from this week. Constantly party since Tuesday. Luckily we decided to leave Saturday night already so i arrived in Stockholm 07.00 in the morning yesterday so i had the whole day to relax before starting a new work-week. I will update more about the festival later, but now i have some work to do.

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    The day has arrived

    Good morning Tuesday! How i have looked forward to this day, the day when i take the rest of the week off and heading down to Norje for Sweden Rock Festival.
    I wont bring my computer on this trip, but i will try to update my blog a couple of times from my phone when i am away.