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    Tips of good reading before sleeping

    The last couple of months i have started to read before going to bed. Since i have had a lot of sleeping issues i got a tips from my friend about reading books instead of watching tv and the mobile in bed. The light from the screens are activating the brain, which makes it hared for you to fall asleep but are also affecting your whole night of sleep. Ina bad way of course. So i am trying (as often as i can) to put away my phone and turn off the tv at least 1 hour before i am planning to sleep. And it has helped me actually. And i have also started to appreciate a peaceful moment of just dreaming away in a book again.

    The books i have read before sleeping is just simple made up feel good stories. Perfect before going to sleep.
    I have read around 5 books lately and they have all been pretty good. But i found two favorites. One of them i am actually still reading, but i realized it is the same author as one of the other books i read lately and really enjoyed, Kristin Emilsson. So that is why i would like share these author with you guys and the two pocket books that i got from her.


    books books


    The way this author is writing and the fantasy she has when creating the stories for her books is really entertaining. I really enjoy reading these fun, feelgood books with scenarios that could actually happen in real life.

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    Being sick sucks

    This sucks. I have been sick since Wednesday. 3 days of fever, coughing, snoring, headache, yeah pretty much everything.  I have not been this sick for a long time and i hope i wont be again in the nearest future. I had zero energy this whole weekend, and still have. Buuhuu poor me.

    Well.. at least i have a warm home to get pampered in while being sick. Nice food and a lot of candy. But i also need to do some important things, which i have not had the energy to do these last days of sickness. I was also gonna meet up with my girls yesterday for a nice evening with dinner and Melodifestivalen. Which got cancelled. Apparently not only me who is sick right now. Which was a bi sad since we not manage to put all of us together very often.

    But what did you guys think about Melodifestivalen last night?
    I was way to stuffed in my head to focus on the songs or who won.


    sick hot mess

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    My skins savior’s during winter times

    A lot of people, including me, are getting a very tired and dry skin during these cold winter months. At least i used to have problems with that during my winters in Europe. but this year i found something for my skin that have prevented that for 100% so far. My skin feels softer and more moisturized than ever. And that is once again thanks to GlossyBox, who sent these products to me in the beginning of the winter. And now i can not live without them.


    The best serum, moisturizer and mask for dry skin

    The first item is a serum for your skin from Ole Henriksen. The name of the product is Truth Serum. This serum gives you skin a boost of collagen and vitamin c complex. It is like a cocktail of vitamins for your skin. It tightens up the skin and make it glow. But it is also keeps your skin moisturized for a long time while it is also preventing early signs of aging and fine lines. The serum is free from oil and feels really luxury on your skin. I absolutely adore this product.

    The second on is also a product from Ole Henriksen. “Sheer Transformation Perfecting moisturizer” is the name if the cream. I use this on top of the serum after i let the serum going in to the skin for a little while. I love the consistent of this cream because it is very light. It really goes in to the skin and leave it with a luxury moisturized feeling. My cheeks feels like silk after using these two products.

    ole henriksen products review

    The last one is “Sleep repair renewal nourishing mask” from Mudmasky. This is a face mask that you apply before going to sleep and than leave it on for the whole night and wash it off in the morning. This mask is making winder for my skin. It repairs and protect it from daily damages and keep it balanced during the cold nights. I can 100% truly say that this mask have given my skin more energy and glow, it helps it looks less tired and reduces dark circles under my eyes. 


    mudmasky sleep repair renewal nourishing mask
    So here they are. My 3 favorite products for nice and soft glowing skin in the dark, cold winters. Than all products doesn’t fit everyone of course, but these ones really worked on me, and still does.



  • Skönhet

    I love lipsticks

    If i had to choose only two makeup products to use for the rest of my life. I would probably choose my eyebrow pencil and lipstick. If i only could chose one.. Well lets hope it doesn’t come to that. But lipsticks (and other lip related makeups) is one of my absolute favorite products in my makeup bag, and i have A LOT of them. In various colors, since i love to wear a little bit bolder ones sometimes. But most of them are in shades that remind me of these colors. So beautiful. You find them both at Nelly.

    lipstick colors

    I think red is my absolute favorite color.

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