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    What a weekend, or at least what a start of the weekend. We went on a rock cruise to see one of my absolute favorite bands, Accept. The band was awesome (as always), just as the people i went there with. Had a lot of fun and i really started to feel that it is time for another trip soon. Where and when i dont know yet.

    One really cool trip that my dad is doing every year is that he and his biker crew take their bikes and ride down Europe to visit some countries among the way. How awesome is that? They just fill some backpacks with the necessary stuff and than leave. For his upcoming trip he have received a pair of overshoes from me that i received from Cykelkraft.se. They will work as a protection for his shoes and feet if the weather gets a bit messy during the day. They will help him to keep the ride waterproofing/weatherproofing for the feet. He was very happy when receiving them and hopefully they will fulfill their purpose during the trip.


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    A very fat but good evening

    Yesterday was a great day. I Manged to get a lot of things on my “To Do” list done during the day and in the evening i went to meet up with my cousin Rikard for a horror movie night. He had made an awesome dinner with a Kantarell toast as starter, and salmon with mashed potatoes and salad for main.

    After dinner we took a sauna and had a beer before starting the movies. During the movie we also has some semlor and chocolate.. omg i was still full when i woke up this morning. And more unhealthy stuff is waiting this week. But i guess we all need those kind of weeks sometimes 🙂

    beer in the sauna swedish semlor

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    Easy sweet potato soup

    Today i slept till 10.00 am and around 12.00 i got some friends coming over. Before they arrived i prepared some lunch for them. I had no idea what to cook so i just checked what i have at home and came up with this delicious soup. I will share the recipe with you guys but since i never measure anything i can not really write EXACTLY how i made it. But almost 🙂

    sweet potato soup

    What i used when i cooked the soup:

    2 sweet potatoes
    1 can of coconut milk
    A dash of cream
    2,5 vegetable broths
    2 small chillies
    1 yellow onion
    half garlic (ca 5 garlic cloves)
    Salt and pepper
    A little bit of Habanero chilli mix from Fynbos (i love this one but it is VERY spicy, so use it only of you like really spicy food)

    1. Cut the sweet potatoes in smaller pieces and boil them with water that just cover them in the pot. Add the broth + salt & pepper to the water while it is boiling
    2. While the potatoes is boiling, cut the garlic and the onion in to smaller pieces and fry it in butter in a frying pan for a little while, than add it to the boiling water
    3. When the potatoes are soft, add the coconut milk and a little bit of cream and let it boil together
    4. When it is boiling, turn of the heat for a little while and than add everything to a blender. Mix it all together and pour it back to the pot and heat it up to boil again. Add some more spices after taste. DONE!
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    Some “me time”

    Yesterday i went to Anchor for a couple of beers so today i decided to just stay in, alone, cooking dinner, watching Melodifestivalen, eating candy, and just relax. A me time Saturday <3

    frida selfie

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    Happy mornings

    Forest walk swedenbanana pancakes

    This morning i started my day with a nice walk in the sun and some banana pancakes. I also managed to do some exercise here at home. Finally i start to feel like myself again. And what a perfect day to start feel like a human again. The sun is shining, it is Friday, and i just bought a new package of really good chai tea.

  • Mat

    To eat or not to eat?

    When you been sick for a long time it is important to keep a good diet.

    crab, crayfish, shrimps

    When it comes to food i just love seafood! All the shellfish, crab, shrimps, clams, oysters, you name it. It sucks, because i feel a bit bad sometimes when i eat it, after all it is still animals, but i just love it too much.
    I already stopped eating meat a pretty long time ago, and bird, and i do not miss it at all. I can probably live the rest of my life without meat. But seafood… not so sure.

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    First day out in February

    Yes, that is true, i have been laying down indoor. being sick the whole February. But today was the first day i felt pretty good, so i went to visit my bestie Linda and her baby boy. We had a nice lunch, coffee and muffins and just spoke about everything and nothing. And of course playing with the baby.

    Salmon with quinoa Salmon with quinoa salad

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    Feelgood morning with a facemask

    Today i woke up and finally starting to feel a bit better. I have not been waking up during the whole night from my cough, so i managed to get a little bit of rest. At last.
    I also had a vitamin bomb smoothie for dinner last night and also for breakfast this morning. Im counting on being healthy again by tomorrow.

    When i woke up i made a cup of “polkagris” flavored tea and sat down in the sofa with my book for a while. A great way to start the day. Apply a face mask & a hair mask to that and the morning is perfect. I told you i started to feel better again.

    home sick with a face mask on me