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    Salmon lunch and the golfclub

    It has its advantages to live close to a golf course that just happen to have a great restaurant. The lunch of the day was a beef stew, salmon with mustard hollandaise or salad buffet. Well, i was really hungry and i dont eat meet (yes i eat fish), so easy choice, salmon it is!

    plate with salmon salmon lunch viksjö golfbana

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    Accept Canvas

    A couple of days ago i received my order from Photowall.se, a canvas of one of my favorite bands in the whole world, Accept. On their site you can order products for your walls like canvas prints and wall murals. There is a lot of different categories of beautiful pictures to chose from for your product. Animal prints, nature, Film and Tv, music, people, you name it. Or you can do like me and upload your own picture to get printed.
    Next time i think i will try out some of their movie themes ones, i could see that they had a lot of really nice ones that would look good in the living room.

    I received my order really quick, i think i had to wait maximum 2 days after i ordered it. I placed my order here in Sweden but they do deliver world wide and have free delivery within the EU. But the best part is that if you decide to place an order before 31 of October you can get 20% off from all of their products. Just enter the code: fridasunnerskogkampanj2017 when you completing your order!

    And where will i put my new canvas? In my bedroom of course, i would like to have my gods watching over me while i am sleeping.

    canvas painting rockband accept

    /In cooperation with Photowall.com

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    Glossybox September (August) Beauty and the city

    Beauty and the city

    So a couple of days ago i received my very first Glossybox. It was the box for August but since i ordered it a bit late and the delivery was a bit late it did not arrive until now, September. So it is not really the Septembers Glossybox.

    pink glossy box review

    So what was my first impression of Glossybox in general?

    I love it! It got delivered in a really cute pink box, that i will save for sure. And you open it up and it is just filled with these nice beauty products. I mean what is it not to like? And if the box would have anything that you don’t like, well just give it away as a gift and make someone else happy.

    What did August Glossybox contains?
    The Glossybox of August contained:
    – A liquid lipstick from The beauty crop.
    – A radient glow sheet mask from Beautaniq Beauty
    – A liquid soap with Verbena oil from Natural care
    – A Glo illuminator from Manna kadar cosmetics
    – A pink metallic slant tweezer from Pick and Pinch

    I have not been able to try everything yet. But the ones i have been trying so far is the face mask and the soap. And so far i am very happy with the products. The face mask made my skin feel really fresh and moisturized. I also learned a really good thing about face masks while reading about this one in the Glossy magazine.
    If it says that the face mask is supposed to stay on the skin for 15 minutes, do not  leave it on for much longer than that. Instead of moisturizing your skin it can start drying it out instead. Which make sense. Since all beauty products have active ingredients that starts getting old as soon as you opening the package, you should never use anything for too long since it will end up giving you the opposite result than you want. Well, you can read more about the lasting time of your beauty products here if you want.

    With that said. If you are like me and love to keep the face mask pretty much longer on your face than it is recommended on the package, stop doing that. I will from now on.

    glossy box beauty and the city

    The second product i have been testing so far is the soap with Verbena oil, and i really like it. It feels very soft and natural on my hands which is perfect since i have very sensitive hands. I am easily getting rashes on my hands when using too strong products and it is a pain in the ass to get rid off. So far this soap seems to treat my hands very nice, so i will keep you guys updated on that subject. I am sure there is more people out there than just me who has the same problem, lets help each other out!

    If the rest of the products are good is still to find out. I will probably try out the make up later today, especially the lipstick since i am a real lipstick lover.

    glossybox beauty products

    If you are curious about the Glossybox you can go to their site to check out earlier boxes and reviews of earlier products. And if you are a man you can go and check out their box called Glossybox men.


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    Shopping in Stockholm

    Shopping in Stockholm… god what i missed that. I love all the stores you can choose between and all the infinity of boutiques and shopping malls you can find. My last shopping round i managed to bring home a lot of goodies. I especially like the face masks that i bought from The Body Shop. They had some new Vegan face masks that felt really good on my skin. They even made some test to see what skin type i have before i decided to make my purchase of the products.
    I also love the face cream and the serum i bought from Lumene, i absolutely love their products. Adding the serum and the face cream after washing off the face mask made my skin fell totally awesome! By far some of the best products i ever had, and i found them on 20% sale, perfect!
    If you dont want to go to the store to buy the products you can find them to a cheaper price online too here.

    shopping in stockholm

  • Everyday life,  Mat

    What a lovely weekend

    My first real weekend here in Stockholm since i moved back. Friday was a really tired one and i just stayed in watching shows and eating some good food with my mom and my cousin. Saturday had a bit more action. I drove the car for the first time since i got back to Sweden, i went for some really nice shopping in Vällingby centrum (i will show you later), i had a great lunch in the backyard and a really fun evening at Harry B James. So this Sunday have been a bit of a tired day, but cozy. Ordered some nice thai food that i ate in front of the tv where i spend most of the day with my cousin. A calm, not at all productive Sunday, but i will change that in about an hour.

    Btw.. omg what i have not been missing the public transport here in Sweden. We took the night bus home last night and it took forever! If hell exist and i ever have to go there, i think the devil will put me on a midnight bus where i have to spend the eternity of feeling really tired and longing for home… but i never get there….

    shrimpsandwich and wine


    I can really recommend the rose wine in the picture. Very nice and dry.

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    A new chapter

    Been back in Sweden for 4 days now and today i had my first day at work. Started at 12.00 and had a lunch and introduction with my new colleagues. The company seem very nice and also the people working there, i think i will be happy there. And i also like that the office is located in the city, its always nice going there.

    Well now i am exhausted. Even if the day was short i am really tired. I guess it will be like this the first couple of days when i am getting used to start my new chapter in life here in Sweden. A lot to take in, to get used to again. Wish me luck!


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    Salut me Sweden, im back

    Yesterday i arrived in Sweden at 14.30. I have a lot of mixed feelings. I have been in sunny Mediterranean for over 3 years and are now going to spend most of my time here in Sweden again. Both Malta and Sweden are my homes now and i love them both. I just wish i could squeeze them together and create one big happy home where all of my friends can be gathered.

    Well, now i am mostly excited about being back. I have a lot to look forward to in Sweden and i cant wait to get started. So you guys will start to see a lot of updates from Sweden, but i will continues to update about Malta as well. And from other awesome countries i have been visiting during my years.

    So how did i spend my last day in Malta?
    I woke up pretty early to go out for some nice breakfast close to the water with my boyfriend. We had veggie tacos and Moet, and went to Cinnabun after for some nice treats. After that i spend a lot of time to figure out my packing… so much stuff… i already been giving away 3 large bags of clothes but still didn’t manage to pack it all before i had to leave yesterday.
    During the evening we went out with a bunch of people for some happy hour drinks at Hugos Middle east, some nachos and beer at Hugos Pub and ended the evening at Corks Karaoke bar. A very chill but nice evening. I enjoyed myself a lot, even if i wasn’t really there all the time, it was a lot of emotion knowing it was my last night in my lovely island that have become a home for me.
    moet breakfast

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    its getting closer

    its getting closer. Only two days left now on this beautiful island that have been my home for the past 3 years. I am a little sad to leave but i am also looking forward a lot to go back to my lovely Stockholm. I am ready for some changes and some new adventures. But the decision i made 3 years ago about moving here has definitely been the best decision in my entire life.

    So these last days are filled with dinners, lunches, drinks… you name it. I start to feel that i need a vacation from my vacation


    /Last evenings wine night at Hammetta with my friends Sara and Tamara.