My first days in Ubud

Now we have spent 2,5 day in Ubud and i absolutely LOVE it! I loved it the minute i got out from the taxi and started to walk around. Our hotel is awesome! (will write about it in a later post) and this small city is so cozy.
Healthy food everywhere, cozy bars, yoga centers, a lot to see, and most important of it all, not full of people trying to sell you stuff every 1 meter you go.

No but i could stay here for a long time, it is really nice and peaceful. So far i managed to so this in in Ubud:

  • Visited Monkey Forest
  • Hired scooters and been driving almost everywhere you can go around here
  • Visited rice fields
  • Visited tempels
  • Getting massage
  • Having awesome food
  • Seeing beautiful waterfalls

And i will do a lot more these upcoming days. but tomorrow we have a chill day planned, no trips in mind.

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  1. Men åh jag är så sjukt avis på dig! Här fortsätter det att komma snö, hehe.
    Svar: Åh kan tänka det! Nämen gud vad nice! Ja men vem vill inte till Australien, galet spännande land ju!

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