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    Tills jag åker till Sverige. Som jag har längtat! Jag saknar ju min familj och mina vänner där hemma, samt en hel del svensk mat. Mina föräldrar bor precis vid en golfbana som har en riktigt bra golfrestaurang. Så jag ser fram emot ett flertal luncher där under de veckor jag befinner mig i Sverige. Sedan har jag även en hel del annat planerat. Ska bland annat testa den veganska lunchen på Radisson blu i Solna tillsammans med en vän jag inte sett på väldigt länge. Det ser jag fram emot 🙂

    // Until i am heading to Sweden. I am longing so much! I really miss my family and friends, and of course some of the Swedish food. My parents house is just next to a golf course who happens to have a really good golfrestaurant. So i am looking forward to a lot of lunches there during my weeks in Sweden. But i also have a lot of other plans during my visit. One of them i to visit the vegan brunch at Radisson Blu in Solna together with a friend i have not seen for a long time. I am looking forward to that 🙂 //

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    Shrimp Sandwich @ Bryggan Cafe och bistro

    shrimp sandwich jönköping

    For you who already know me are probably already very familiar with my love for food. Especially when it comes to seafood. One big favorite that i always eat during my visits in Sweden are the shrimp sandwich. I have tried all different types of shrimp sandwiches and know exactly where to find the really good ones. But of course i love to try out new places too.

    During my last trip to Sweden i went to a place in the city Jönköping called ”Bryggan cafe & Bistro”. A really nice place with a great view. The interior design is very fresh and cozy and i will definitely go back there. But not for the shrimp sandwich. It was ok, but thats all. And for that price it was not really worth it. It was very small and pretty tasteless. A disappointment to be honest. but my company was very happy about their food. The sandwiches looked really nice and big, the salads looked very nice (i will definitely go for the beet root salad next time), and the sweets looked delicious. And they also had some good Ipa. I was there during daytime but i can imagine that it is a really nice place to hang out during nice summer evenings in their outdoor serving spot.