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    Minnen på FB

    Hugos infinity st julians

    Älskar att man kan se minnen på Facebook, och idag kan jag se att det är exakt 2 år sedan jag var på min sista fest med företaget jag jobbade på under mina sista år som jag bodde på Malta. Hade väldigt roligt under min tid där och har massor med roliga minnen tillsammans med härliga människor. Två av mina gamla kollegor får jag dessutom snart träffa här i Sverige då de ska komma och besöka mitt sommarställe.

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    Flyger hem idag

    malta spinola bay

    Sista dagen på ön och ikväll går planet hem mot Valencia. Det har varit roliga dagar men det kommer att bli skönt att komma hem igen. Att kunna ta det lugnt, inte äta ute varje dag och att få lite rutin i vardagen igen. Jag kommer dessutom äntligen att kunna berätta en rolig grej som jag har burit på i 6 månader nu!

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    Resa Bokad


    Igår bokade vi en resa till Malta som bär av nästa vecka. Ska bli kul att besöka sitt gamla hem och träffa alla vänner på ön :). Nu var det ett tag sedan jag var där sist, nästan ett år.

    Så på Torsdag nästa vecka ger vi oss iväg och stannar där tills på Tisdag veckan efter. Det blir alltså både GoT och Eurovision Final på ön! 😀

    /bild lånad från http://lynxdxg.com/9h-malta-por-9h3kz/

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    Minnen från Malta på FB

    minnen från Malta

    Dessa minnen fick jag upp på FB för ett par dagar sedan (jag syns knappt dock). Det är bilder från en riktigt trevlig dag för två år sedan då jag fortfarande bodde på Malta. Att resa mycket och att bo utomlands har gett mig så otroligt mycket. Jag har träffat vänner för livet som kommer från världens alla hörn. Jag har även lärt mig otroligt mycket och sist men inte minst träffat min kärlek.

    Annars har jag inte gjort så mycket de senaste dagarna. Mest varit hemma och tagit det lugnt. Egentligen har jag SÅ mycket att skriva om. Men jag måste tyvärr vänta lite till. Jag kommer berätta varför i ett senare inlägg 🙂

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    A day at Kuya Beach

    Yesterday was a really nice and lazy day. We went to Kuya beach for nice food, drinks and swimming in the pool. As usual we ordered their calamaris with wasabi-mayo, my boyfriend loves those! And i had a curry with shrimps as a main. After the lunch i had the worst food coma ever and totally passed out on my sun bed. Woke up an hour later with pattern all over my face and body from the towel. I always do that. We stayed a little bit longer before we decided to go back home and prepare for the dinner, thats apparently was a surprise dinner for me 😀

    asian food kuya beach drinks

    What is Kuya Beach Club?

    Kuya beach club opened up during the summer of 2017 in Malta. Kuya i from the beginning a food truck that quickly got really popular and opened up an restaurant in the heart of St Julians. Their menu is very different from other foods you find in Malta and well worth a visit.
    The restaurant quickly became a lot of peoples favorite which resulted in them opening up a beach club in Sliema for their customers to enjoy a day by the pool while getting served great food and drinks. If they will continue with this next year is still yet to see.

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    What was up this weekend

    picture of frida in grey hair

    So it was Sunday again. The weekend has been spent a lot at home (i have been very tired), but we have also done a lot of fun stuff. Yesterday we went out for kayaking to an open cave. It was really nice and i found a new talent of mine. I have never kayaking in my whole life (what i can remember) so i got i bit surprised that i was that good at it.
    Anyhow, it was a really nice experience and the cave was amazing. Think about being on a kayak, on turquoise water, in front of you there is this beautiful cave where light reflexion is dancing on the walls in the same rhythm as the waves goes. The picture that you are having in your head right now, thats how amazing it was for real.
    I will ask a friend for the pictures of the day later, could not really bring my mobile or camera to the ocean.

    After that trip i totally passed out when we got home. Woke up a while later and headed over to a small rooftop party to watch all the fireworks that are going on around our area right now. When that was done we went for Funky Monkey for a few drinks before we headed home again to sleep. I was still extremely tired during the whole evening and i was not even sure i would make it out to be honest.

    Today the sun is shining (ofc its Malta), and the weather looks great. But i have decided to stay in the whole day and just do some writing, watching shows, packing and all other lazy things i can come up with. Love my Sundays in bed and i already got too much sun yesterday.

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    Red breakfast at the beach

    I woke up early this day. Very tired. Had a lot to fix and a lot to clean. The time to leave this house is getting closer and we are having people over to check the place out. People that are interested to take it over when we leave. I have exactly 3 weeks left now. 3 weeks left until i leave my life in Malta, the life that i had for the past 3 years. I will leave it to go back to my old life in Sweden, or not really going back to my old life, a lot have changed. But it will be a new chapter in my life, or should i say our life (me ad my bf), and i am very excited about it. I moved to Malta 7th September 2014. I am leaving Malta 7th September 2017. Who could have guessed?
    Well, lets see what the future has in store for us.

    But before that, i will enjoy my last 3 weeks in Malta, even if i am sure i will see this island very soon again. So this will be 3 weeks of a lot of sun, nice food, party, but also some training of course.