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    Sunday Funday

    Dagen började med ett intensivt träningspass på gymmet, vilket var riktigt skönt. Efter det bestämde jag mig för att ta en annan väg hem vilket resulterade i en strandpromenad och ett besök på en marknad som låg längs vägen. Kunde inte låta bli att köpa lite prylar från en söt gammal tant så kom hem med en burk ekologisk tomatpuré, en burk ekologisk marmelad (med någon smak jag inte har en aning om vad det är) och ett nybakat bröd.

    När jag inte vet vad saker och ting betyder brukar jag ta den smak som det finns minst kvar av. Det är ju uppenbart den populäraste smaken 😀

    // My Sunday started with a intense training class at the gym which was really nice. After the class i decided to take a different way home which ended up with a nice beach walk and a visit at a market i saw on the way. I could not stop myself from buying some products that an old lady sold so i came home with a jar och ecological tomato sauce, a jar ecological jam (with some flavor i have no idea what it is) and a piece of freshly baked bread.

    When im out shopping here in Spain and do not understand the texts on products, i just pick the flavor that has the least bottles left. It is obviously the most popular one 😀 //

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    burgundy dress

    Måndag igen och ännu en ny vecka. Veckan startade riktigt bra med att göra klart lite deadlines för att sedan bege mig mot gymmet. Körde ett styrkepass på 30 min, sprang i 25 min och körde sedan en timmes yoga. Kände att jag hade lite extra energi idag och kunde spendera 2 timmar på gymmet.

    Nu blir det snart lite käk och sedan mer jobb.


    // Monday again and a new week. My week started really good with me finishing up some deadlines before going to the gym where i did a 30 min muscle class, 25 min running and 60 min yoga. I had a lot of energy over today which made me feel like hanging out at the gym for 2 hours.

    Now i am waiting for my food to get ready and after that i will go back to do some work. //

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    Brucepass Training

    Okay, i have been trying out SEVERAL gyms the last years. Both in Sweden and Malta. I have had a very hard time to chose only one and than stick with it, until i tried BrucePass App and gym membership.


    At one point i was a member of 3 different gyms at the same time. Since two of them offered different gym classes and they were both great, and i also wanted to do some boxing training. So yeah, 3 gym membership it was. Not the cheapest solution but it worked.

    Now when i came back to Sweden i was really excited to find a new gym to become a member (we have a little bit more to chose between in Sweden than Malta, which make sense sizsewise). But seriously, the prices for most of the gyms? Its ridiculous.  I saw one gym that looked really nice, it was a crossfit gym which would fit me perfectly since i love to do hard workout classes. But it was like 120 euro per month? come on! Is the equipment made of gold? And is the staff pouring the water down your throat when you get thirsty during your workout?

    Nah, lets continue looking. And i am glad i did, cuz among my way cam Bruce, the new man in my life, the saver, the gym membership of many choices and my new favorite app.

    Brucepass training membership works simply as this: You download the app to your smartphone, create a profile and chose a membership. If you chose a 12 month membership it is 60 euro per month. Otherwise it is 70 euro per month, but than you can decide to quit your membership and stop paying whenever you want to.

    Rosa skrot
    So why is Bruce so much better than the other gyms? Because Bruce is not a gym, it is a lot of gyms. Hundreds of gyms around Stockholm & Göteborg has connected to Bruce Pass.  You can search by type of training or by location. Everyday is filled with a mix of funny gym classes to attend to, you just have to book it from your app and head over to the place where the workout is executed.  You can chose from aerobic classes, BodyPump, Dance, Yoga, Boxing, Functional training, open gym, mom workouts and much more.

    It is perfect for you who like to do workouts with variation, or try new, different types of training. And i am really happy with it so far.

    If you a curious to try it out, just go to Bruce and create a profile and a membership. If you enter the code: fridas1 when starting your membership, you will get a 10 euro discount on your first month.