My greasy veggie sandwich

hungover veggie sandwich hungover veggie sandwich

I am not really that hungover today, but we had a few beers yesterday and i slept very little. So i felt for a nice and greasy breakfast/lunch, so i made this awesome sandwich.

It is bread with a little bit of mustard, onion, tomatoes, red beet falafels and cheese that i put in the oven.
After that i added salsa and garlic dressing and served it together with red cabbage salad, avocado and sour cream. 

It came out god damn yummy!

Its getting closer

Good day! It is an amazing day and it is also Saturday. I did not manage to get much rest last night but for some reason i do feel much more rested than previous days. Maybe because i finally start to realize what i am gonna do this upcoming spring. I told you that i had planned something very spontaneous, once again. I got some guessing that it could be a spontaneous tattoo maybe?

It is not, but it was a good guess. I actually have done that twice. One tattoo i just decided to do at a friends place, in his home 1 day before i got it done. And another one i did in New York when i woke up one day and just felt like getting a tattoo. (They both still mean something).

I will not tell you guys yet what it is, but i have to do that soon, since it all starts from Monday :O

The tattoo i made in NY.
Tattoo in New York

Thai lunch 

This whole week I have been exhausted. I am tired but I can’t sleep.. I really need a nap soon if I even think about doing something tonight.. 

At least I had a nice breakfast/lunch. I went for a meeting in Solna and after the meeting I met up with my sis and dad for some lunch. We went to some popular Thai place close to their office and I took a shrimp soup with like and chilli, really good 👌

Berry oatmeal with peanut butter

Good morning. Or maybe i should say good afternoon. After last weekend i have flipped the hours around a bit, which i dont like actually. I prefer waking up early and get things done.

Well, nothing to do about that now. At least i had a really nice breakfast/lunch oatmeal with strawberries, blueberries, seeds and peanut butter. Now i have to finish some stuff and in a while i will go to meet up an old friend of mine that i haven’t seen in years.

Done it again

ooooh i am very VERY excited right now. I just did another impulsive thing and i think it is going to be awesome! I wont tell you guys yet what it is… but you will know soon. And i can not wait!!!


What a weekend, or at least what a start of the weekend. We went on a rock cruise to see one of my absolute favorite bands, Accept. The band was awesome (as always), just as the people i went there with. Had a lot of fun and i really started to feel that it is time for another trip soon. Where and when i dont know yet.

One really cool trip that my dad is doing every year is that he and his biker crew take their bikes and ride down Europe to visit some countries among the way. How awesome is that? They just fill some backpacks with the necessary stuff and than leave. For his upcoming trip he have received a pair of overshoes from me that i received from They will work as a protection for his shoes and feet if the weather gets a bit messy during the day. They will help him to keep the ride waterproofing/weatherproofing for the feet. He was very happy when receiving them and hopefully they will fulfill their purpose during the trip.


A very fat but good evening

Yesterday was a great day. I Manged to get a lot of things on my “To Do” list done during the day and in the evening i went to meet up with my cousin Rikard for a horror movie night. He had made an awesome dinner with a Kantarell toast as starter, and salmon with mashed potatoes and salad for main.

After dinner we took a sauna and had a beer before starting the movies. During the movie we also has some semlor and chocolate.. omg i was still full when i woke up this morning. And more unhealthy stuff is waiting this week. But i guess we all need those kind of weeks sometimes 🙂

beer in the sauna swedish semlor