In Malaysia

I realized something these last weeks… it is really hard to find a hotel with really good wifi over here! Luckily we have a shopping mall close by with a food court that have good wifi.

Oh btw, i am in Penang right now. Arrived here from Borneo a couple of days ago. I had one of the best experience in my life in Borneo, but i will tell you more about it later when i can upload some nice pictures from my camera too 🙂

But so far really love Malaysia, i always wanted to go here and my gut feeling have proved me right. Kuala Lumpur is an amazing city, not as cool as Singapore but it really has a lot of cool things to offer too and it got this amazing big city soul with all different kinds of people.
Borneo (Kuching) was amazing in a very different way, cozy city and great nature. And Penang is really nice, the city is awesome to walk around in with all the street art, and the food is apparently some of the best in the world, lucky me!

frida in kuala lumpur

Great dishes in Asia part 1 – Popiah

Okey, i am ready to tell you guys about one of my absolute favorite dishes i have been eaten since i went to Asia. It is called Popiah and it is delicious! I first ate it in a hawker center in Singapore, China Town. The second time i ate them was in Kuala Lumpur where they actually had the best ones. Several times i went to a place called Sisters Cripsy Popiah, which is a food chain they have in Malaysia. Really recommend to try those if you ever get the chance.

sisters crispy pophia

So what is Popiah?

I would describe them as thin crispy pancake/crepes filled with vegetable and a delicious sauce. At my favorite place “Sisters crispy popiah” they also have a crunchy filling that is great. I am not sure what the crunchy stuff is, but it taste a bit of peanuts.
If you want meat like beef or chicken in your popiah you can order that as well.


The best breakfast

smoothie bowl

Sometimes it is very har dto find breakfast over here. Most of the places is serving food that includes noodles and rice. Thats why i always get extra happy when i find me some good smoothie bowls!

How every day should start & end

I just love waking up at a nice hotel and have some great breakfast buffet (i dont have that in every place i visit) before starting the day. It doesn’t have to be sunny or great weather, since i lived in Malta for years i am not necessary looking for sunny days on the beach when traveling, but on the other side i wont say no to them either every now and than. And over here the sun is very strong so i am walking around in the city, forest (or wherever i am) with 30 spf almost every day without even visiting the beach.

My days mostly includes work and adventures. And in the evening i am normally very exhausted and just like to relax for a little while, preferably watching the sunset at some cozy place before going to bed, even better if the company is great too 🙂

core hotel premier gilli t sunset beach

ogho-ogho Indonesia

Celebrating Nyepi

I could not update very good lately since i was forbidden to go outside yesterday, the lights was off and so was the internet. Why?
Because the Balinese people was celebrating Nyepi.  And i am very happy i was there to see that. During these weeks in Bali, i have seen how the people of Bali have been building big statues of monsters and daemons, and last Friday i saw the result of them.

They call them Ogoh-Ogho and all the Ogho-oghos will be presented with a story during the evening of the 16th where the people can vote for the best one to win. After the competition they will be burned on a cemetery as a sign of purifying.
(This is what the people explained to us at least).

The day after no one is allowed to go outside and no electricity is allowed to be used.
Even if we had to stay in the hotel area the whole day, it was great, adn we had the most beautiful night sky ever. Dont think i have ever seen so many starts at once.

But now, Kuala Lumpur



Days without internet at Gilli T

I have not manage to update my blog properly lately since the Wifi at our last hotel was not very good. We spent a few days in Gilli islands where we stayed in bungalows and just enjoyed our time there. I am happy though that we are back to a more classy hotel where it is quite, clean and of course with a good internet connection.

Boat trip Gilli T

My days in Gilli T was wonderful though. the first day i rent a snorkel to go out for some adventures at our beach, and you know what? i found a sea turtle! It was so cool to swim so close to it under the water, and so close to the beach.

But that was not my only experience with sea turtles. The second day we went on a boat trip with several stops to snorkel where we could see all cool kind of fishes, squids and more sea turtles. At one stop they also had some statues that stand at the bottom of the ocean, really cool. Gilli T was very beautiful and it offered a lot of nice spots to sit on the beaches, restaurants for cozy dinners and places to enjoy a drink to the sunrise.
But today we left Gilli T and headed over to Lombok. We have not seen much of it yet since we been mostly working since we arrived, but the little we seen looks great and the hotel is awesome so far (it opened up 4 days ago so i will write a review of it after our stay).

Now.. back to work.

Horse ride Gilli T