I love lipsticks

If i had to choose only two makeup products to use for the rest of my life. I would probably choose my eyebrow pencil and lipstick. If i only could chose one.. Well lets hope it doesn’t come to that. But lipsticks (and other lip related makeups) is one of my absolute favorite products in my makeup bag, and i have A LOT of them. In various colors, since i love to wear a little bit bolder ones sometimes. But most of them are in shades that remind me of these colors. So beautiful. You find them both at Nelly.

lipstick colors

I think red is my absolute favorite color.

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Wednesday philosophy

Good day Peeps!
Another Wednesday and i am working from home. And at the same time i am thinking about life. What do i really want? What do i want to do the upcoming years? These questions are hard to answer. I know there is some people out there that know for sure what they want to do, and they are going for it. But i think most of us does not know. Not 100% at least.

Years ago i was this person who could overthink stuff, what if? But if?. Today i trust the world more to guide me. I like to do and not think to much, i believe that life will guide me right in the end. For better or worse. And i do think of life as an adventure, so why not just go with the flow?


upside down

My weekend

What a nice weekend i had. On Friday i had going out plans but i was waaay to tired to full fill them. Instead i ended up in the sofa in front of the first Harry Potter movie and fell asleep. That resulted in a early Saturday morning with exercising and a nice and calm breakfast. After a day of relaxing we had some nice dinner and then headed to the city for some party. In the middle of the night we took a cab to my sisters boyfriend and ended up spending the night there.

On Sunday we spent the whole day at a restaurant in Ekerö with some nice food and laughter. We were back home at 17.30 to enjoy some dinner at home before heading to bed for an early evening. Well needed.

frida christina

Morning run & my favorite breakfast

healthy breakfast healthy breakfast


When i woke up around 09.00 this morning and saw that the sun was shining, i could not stop myself for going out for a morning run in the nature. It was really nice to run in the cold fresh air with the sun shining on you.
When i got back home i had one of my favorite breakfast meals. Greek yogurt with blueberries, chia seeds, hemp seeds, crunchy peanut butter and some granola. YUM!

Snaps & Ice Hockey

So yesterday was a good day. After finishing work i headed over to the gym for a quick training session and after that i went for a really late lunch with Mom at Snaps. It is a place located at Medborgarplatsen, and i mostly visit this place during summer times since they have a great outdoor serving. But yesterday we went there to sit inside and have some nice food, have not really eaten there before tbh. When summer comes it is all about rose and beer.

But i must say that i will probably go back there for food. It is a nice local, the food is good and the prices are normal.

2018-01-26-10-02-15343320815.jpg 2018-01-26-10-06-21316923656.jpg

I had a halloumi burger and my mom had their meatballs. I have no idea how they tasted but they looked better on picture than my food XD. And she also told me they were good.

PS. They have AW prices on some of their food, my moms meatballs for example had a cheaper price than normal.
After lunch/dinner i headed over to Globen to meet up with the guys at “Grekiska kolgrillen” to have some beer before the Hockey game. I dont even cheer for any of the teams that played but it was fun to watch, i did some online betting before the game which made it even more fun.



Yesterdays cinema



Yesterday i went to the cinema with Elisa. We went to see Insidious 4. I am not going to the cinema very often, but when i do i always choose some cool fantasy movie in 3D or a horror movie. Not the most popular genre, but luckily i have some friends with the same bad taste in movies like i have.

The movie itself was ok, not the best but not the worst. I really love horror movies but it has to be something extra to really impress me within that genre. I want a really good story to the movie that leaves you a creepy feeling afterwards.

More flower pants for the ppl!

If you didnt know it already, i loove pants with flower pattern. Here is another one of my fav ones here at home. Also those are bought at BooHoo, ofc. Best online shop ever!
Check out these goodies i have on me and check out these other beauties they have on their site.


I want those, and those, and those and those!

floral pants


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