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    Lazy & productive days

    The weather in Sweden is still great and i have had some great days here. Even if they haven’t been anything special, i am really enjoying just hanging out at home working from my computer, having breakfast in the backyard and sometimes walking out to the golf restaurant for some lunch. Lazy but productive days. Just how i like it.

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    Back from the craziness

    had a blast at Sweden Rock Festival like always. So much fun & great concerts. But i must admit that i am completely destroyed from this week. Constantly party since Tuesday. Luckily we decided to leave Saturday night already so i arrived in Stockholm 07.00 in the morning yesterday so i had the whole day to relax before starting a new work-week. I will update more about the festival later, but now i have some work to do.

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    Happy days in Sweden

    What a weekend. I had some really nice days here in Sweden and in two days i have been back for a week already. Times fly when you are having fun, but also when you are feeling a bit lost in your head. This whole weekend has been very blurry for me since i have been suffering from jet lag (Buuhoo). Well i finally start to feel like normal again, which is very convenient since i will leave for my next trip tomorrow already. This one will be within Sweden though. I have a week of party and rock music ahead of me together with a bunch of awesome people. I will also stay in a van together with my sister and her boyfriend (who happens to be one of my best friends:). What a week i have ahead of me, cant wait! 

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    Toast skagen at the golf restaurant

    I finally start to get a “normal Swedish” schedule again. Today i manage to sleep until 08.00, comparing to yesterday when i woke up at 04.00 and could not sleep anymore… So i just went to the living room and started to work instead.

    So what have i been doing since i got back to Sweden?
    Almost nothing actually.  Just been hanging out with my family and celebrated my mom a bit on her birthday. She had a big one last Thursday, so the whole family went to the golf restaurant 5 min from here and had a really nice meal, after all, that place got the price for best golf restaurant 2017.

    You know you are back in Sweden when you finally get to enjoy a glass of rose together with a toast skagen!

    Now i am going to make myself a smoothie-bowl for breakfast and just relax a bit before we start to fix everything for the evening.

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    Back in Sweden!

    So yesterday i arrived at Stockholm Arlanda in Sweden, after 17 hours of travelling and i am still very tired. But this trip has been great. Been in Asia for a little bit over 3 months but it feels like so much longer since we manage to do so much stuff.

    I will tell you ALL bout it later.. but as a tease.. I have seen a lot of amazing temples, visiting cozy villages, been swimming with sea turtles, met wild orangutans, been mud bathing with elephants…
    omg that trip was the best..

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    Our last day

    So the day has arrived, our last day in Asia, for this time. We had some great 3 months travelling around here but now it is time to go back to Sweden for the summer.. Where we will go after that remains to see.

    The good thing is that from tomorrow, i can start updating better and also share more details about our trip!
    Stuff like: Where to eat?, where to stay? Where to go? What to skip? What to not miss!

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    Our last days in Asia

    pai canion
    So instead of going to the south part of Thailand and all the islands, we chose to go to the north. A very good decision. We have spent the last 4-5 days in a small town called Pai and i absolutely love it. One of my favorite places this trip for sure. I will write a post later where i share my favorite stops.
    Today we are heading to Chiang Mai where we will stay until Tuesday when we have our flight back to Bangkok for the day and then back to Europe.

    It has been 3 awesome months in Asia but i am now ready to enjoy the Swedish summer. After all, i will only be able to rest for a few days when im back before i have to travel a little bit again. Not to far this time though.

    Any guesses of where i am going after arriving in Sweden?
    Hint: It is a music festival that are always going on in the first week of June in Sweden.