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    Elephant sanctuary Chiang Mai

    When traveling around, NEVER EVER support tourist attractions like animal parks where you can pet wild animals, circuses or places where you can ride on wild animals. Taking pictures with tigers and riding on elephants probably seem like a cool thing to do, but it is always suffering behind that.
    A lot of place will tell you that they treat the animals great, that you dont have to worry and that the animals like to do the tourist stuff. That is not true. Can you take a selfie with a big wild cat, it is suffering behind it! If you can ride on top of an elephant, there is suffering behind it! If you can sit and watch a monkey riding around on a bike, there is suffering behind it!

    When i went to Thailand i went to a sanctuary for elephants where five elephants are living at the moment. All five of them have been rescued from tourist attraction like elephant rides and circus. One of them had been there for only a few months now and she still had a lot of scars on her head from humans hitting and torturing her to break her down so she would be willing to carry tourists on her back.

    picking food for elephants

    Luckily there are places like this. Places that want to help and let the elephants live the rest of their life in peace.

    But why cant they just be released into the wild again?
    They have spent most (sometimes their whole) of their life in chains. They might not be able to make it in the wild anymore and there is a big change that they will be caught again and sent to another hell for the rest of their life.

    Well, i was lucky to meet some of these beautiful creatures for day. I spent some time feeding them, walking in the jungle and swimming with them, everything on their terms. And you could really see that the elephant liked the people running this place. There was a baby elephant who ran after the younger staff and played around with them. Like kids should be able to do, not be entertaining humans at a circus. (The baby was rescued from a circus).

    Well, what i wanted to say with this blog post is that i would like to make more people aware of how they treat animals when it comes to tourist attractions… There is no nice way to make an elephant accept having humans riding around on their back day after day. There is no nice way to make a tiger think its fun to take selfies with people day out and day in..

    Instead you can support organizations that are trying to help our wildlife. You probably wont be able to ride on them… But it is so much cooler to meet animals in the wild or animals that are happy.
    I have another cool story from my trip that includes wild animals but i will tell about that later.

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    Our last days in Asia

    pai canion
    So instead of going to the south part of Thailand and all the islands, we chose to go to the north. A very good decision. We have spent the last 4-5 days in a small town called Pai and i absolutely love it. One of my favorite places this trip for sure. I will write a post later where i share my favorite stops.
    Today we are heading to Chiang Mai where we will stay until Tuesday when we have our flight back to Bangkok for the day and then back to Europe.

    It has been 3 awesome months in Asia but i am now ready to enjoy the Swedish summer. After all, i will only be able to rest for a few days when im back before i have to travel a little bit again. Not to far this time though.

    Any guesses of where i am going after arriving in Sweden?
    Hint: It is a music festival that are always going on in the first week of June in Sweden.

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    Our last nights in Bangkok

    Above eleven sushi

    We are now getting closer to our last day in Bangkok before flying to the North of Thailand. So far we had a great time! A lot of food, shopping and nice company. Yesterday we went to a really nice restaurant called Above Eleven where we had an amazing meal! Afterwards we went to a Latino club for some drinks and dancing (at least trying to dance for me XD).

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    Chilling around in Bangkok

    Eating & drinking my way through the day
    Eating & drinking my way through the day


    I have always been told that Bangkok is not something too special to see and that it should only be a quick stop during your trip to somewhere else. However, i love it so far. Maybe it is because we are staying with friends that lives here and know where to go, maybe because we have read about some of the most famous scams in this city which got us to avoid them (two times only yesterday), or maybe because we have been stressing around most of our trip to be managed to see all the things worth seeing. Or maybe because i am finally allowed to do some shopping.
    I have been allowed before of course, but i did not really have any extra space in my backpack, but since this is our last stop, we will buy a big bag that we can fill with stuff and bring back to Europe.
    Lets see what we manage to find.. However, Bangkok is absolutely worth a visit!