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    My Sunday

    Igår passade vi på att ta en cykeltur in till stan. L hade köpt biljetter till Valencias Biopark som vi åkte för att besöka. Jag är inte mycket för att gå på zoo, tycker djur ska ses i det fria. Men jag måste säga att jag var imponerad över de inhängnader djuren hade. Helt klart de bästa jag sett, med god marginal!

    // Yesterday we took some bikes to the city. L had bought us tickets to Valencias Bio-park. I am not much for going to zoos, i think animals should be observed in the wilds. But i have to say that i was impressed by the environment that the animals had. It was for sure the best i have seen. // 

    Efter vårt besök i parken så tog vi cyklarna mer centralt för att hitta någonstans att äta. Hittade ett ställe med bra recensioner som vi bestämde oss för. Ett tips när du besöker Valencia är att alltid kika om restaurangen har någon “dagens meny”. Då ingår det alltid val av förrätt, varmrätt, efterrätt och dryck för ett mycket billigare pris än om man skulle ta allt separat i menyn.

    // After our visit at the park we headed toward the city central to find a place to eat. We found a place with good reviews that we decided to go for. A tips when you are visiting Valencia is to always check if the restaurant has a “menu of the day”. Then you can pick options from a list and it always includes starter, main, dessert and a drink. And the price will always be much lower than if you had ordered everything separate in the menu. //


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    Japanese food at Kaori Rusafa

    japanese food at kaori rusafa valencia

    My last dinner in Valencia before i left to Sweden again was amazing! L had planned to take me to a nice Paella restaurant as a surprise until i told him 2 days earlier that i am not a big fan of paella. He then had to change the plans and picked a Japanese restaurant instead. And it was great! The food and the service was on top, and i think this might be the best Japanese restaurant i have ever visited so far.

    I will go visit this restaurant for sure when i am back in Valencia!
    Ah yeah i have not told you guys yet, but i actually got myself a rental contract for an apartment in Valencia when i was there last week. So in about 5 weeks i am moving there!

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    One night in Barcelona

    Tired, tired and once again tired. I arrived to Barcelona yesterday evening and spent the night there. We realized we did not have an AC in the room when we arrived so this nights sleep has not been the best. Well, now we are on our way to Valencia were we going to spend some days, or a week? We have not decided yet, so lets start with 4 days 🙂

    At least we had some nice tapas yesterday at a place called Lute before we went home to sleep in our warm room. I am not a pasta person but when i eat pasta i like it to be a creamy one. This truffle cannelloni was creamy AF. I liked it. The place itself was also very nice and they had a lot of other good food and drinks to chose between.