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    Hello Da Nang 

    I had some amazing days in Hue which i will tell you more about later. This afternoon i arrived in Da Nang and i already love the beach (i have not even seen it daytime yet).

    Since i am traveling a lot right now and my days are pretty full it is a bit hard to give you a full update of the things i am seeing and doing over here. I will try to update as much as possible but i promise some better and longer posts about all these places when i am back in Sweden again and have some free time. Half way to go!

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    Eating and drinking around

    I am eating and eating and eating and drinking beer here in Hanoi. And hands down, the food is the best i had so far. But i already knew that the food was going to be great over here since this actually is not my first visit in Vietnam.
    So i am basically eating and drinking my way around this city and will continue doing that until we leave for Ha Long bay tomorrow.

    I also think i will start writing reviews about the hotels we have visited so far. After all it is a shit ton of them. We have almost been away for 6 weeks now and have more than half way left. 

    Vietnamese fresh spring rolls Vietnamese spring rolls

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    In Hanoi

    Yesterday I landed in Hanoi Vietnam and I am already in love with this city. I guess we arrived at the perfect time since the street was completely full with life. This city got soul and the people are beautiful, happy and very friendly. 

    And the food is the best! 

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    Back in KL

    And we are back in Kuala Lumpur. We left Langkawi today (such a nice place) and headed back to the big city before leaving Malaysia for this time. We really liked it here in KL so we decided to spend 2 last days here. Now we will go out for the night food market which have all sorts of delicious and cheap things to try out.

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    Night snacking in Malaysia

    One thing you really need to try if you ever go to Malaysia is the evening food markets you most likely will find in the cities. A must try is the stands where you pick your own food and then boil it, chose your sauce, eat and then pay. They will charge you depending on the color of your sticks. Where we ate everything was between 0.50 – 3.00 MYR. A very cheap and delicious treat.

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    My company at work today

    There is a lot of cats over here and i love it! Why? because i love cats and i can also see that they are threatened very well over here. The cats are also very friendly and like being cuddles with. Another sign that they are threatened well over here 🙂

    I also have a bunch of chickens running around here and searching for food. A very peaceful place to work for me since i love nature and animals.

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    Arrived to Langkawi yesterday and it is soo nice. Not only the place, but the fact that we decided to have some relaxing days. Not waking up early to work and go sightseeing, not visiting every tourist thing there is on the island, but just sleep long in the mornings, wake up and have breakfast and work, and later in the afternoon heading to the beach and have a beer.

    This is actually the first time during my trip that i sit in the sun on the beach and have some beers. Belive it or not (beer junkie as i am), but i have been travelling for month without really hanging out at the beach at all for a day. Still hasn’t thought, only a few hour, but it might happen here in Langkawi, finally 😀

    langkawi beach