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    Halloween is coming!

    Samarbete med Partykungen.se


    Det är fortfarande bara September men jag längtar sååå mycket till Halloween redan. Halloween är min absoluta favorit högtid! De flesta av er vet redan att jag är galen i skräckfilmer. Det finns inte mycket som är bättre än att mysa ner sig under en varm filt i höstmörkret för att sedan slå på en härlig skräckfilm! Men det finns en sak jag gillar snäppet mer att göra under hösten, och det är att fira Halloween! 

    För varje nytt år så försöker jag slå förra årets Halloween outfit, vilket kommer att bli riktigt svårt i år då jag hade en riktigt schysst sådan förra året. Men jag ska försöka och förhoppningsvis också lyckas. När det kommer till Halloween outfits så brukar folk alltid fråga mig hur jag kommer på alla grejer som jag klär ut mig till. Det är egentligen ganska enkelt, jag googlar runt på coola halloween dräkter och besöker en del online butiker som säljer dem. Ibland hittar jag en färdig Halloween-kostym och ibland beställer jag olika delar och sätter ihop min egen.

    Det sistnämnda gör ju självklart att din outfit blir mer unik. Förra året så hittade jag massor av inspiration online och fick till slut upp en bild i huvudet av hur jag ville att min Halloween outfit skulle se ut. Jag beställde då en vit dräkt och sedan ett flertal tillbehör från Partykungen.se för att göra min kostym perfekt! Om jag lyckades får ni avgöra på bilden nedan!

    Året dessförinnan så klädde jag ut mig till Ninja under en Halloweenfest som jag anordnade. Då beställde jag hela dräkten med tillbehör på en gång. Det enda jag beställde till förutom det man fick i paketet var svärd och crazy lenses. Ninja kostymen är en av mina absoluta favoriter måste jag säga. Du finner även den hos partykungen. 

    outfits for halloween

    // It is still only September but i already cant wait for Halloween. It is my favorite holiday of the whole year! As most if you know i am horror movie freak. I love spending the Autumn evenings under a warm blanket and just having a cozy night filled with horror movies. There is only one thing that is better than that during the Autumn season, and that is to celebrate Halloween!

    Every year i am trying to beat the last years Halloween outfit, which will be really hard this time since last years outfit was dope! But i will try and hopefully succeed! When it comes to dressing out, people always ask me how i come up with all my outfits, and it is pretty simple. I just google around a lot and visiting some online stores that are selling Halloween costumes as inspiration. Sometimes i just find the perfect costume in a store and sometimes i order different pieces and put together my own outfit, as i did last year.

    Creating my own costume is what i did last year. I was collecting a lot of inspiration online until i got a picture in my head of how i wanted to look. I ordered a white outfit and then accessories from Partykungen.se to make my outfit look perfect! If i succeeded you have to tell me from the pic above!

    The year before that i got my whole outfit completed with accessories at once, i only added some swords and crazy lenses. The Ninja outfit is one of my favorite ones so far. You can find that one too at Partykungen.//


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    Halloween 2018

    Soon it is my absolute favorite time of the year. Of course i am talking about Halloween. I love the whole thing. The scary part, the candy part, the dressing out part. It is indeed a feast for me. Since Halloween is just around the corner, i was thinking about answering some simple questions about this day, and maybe help you out to start working out your fantasy to find the best Halloween costume.

    So when is Halloween?

    Luckily for us us in Sweden, we celebrate both Halloween and Alla helgon. Which mean we got two of these amazing scary day. All though, we like to party and dress out more for Halloween to celebrate, and for Alla Helgon it is more a day for us to honor dead family and friends.
    But to answer the question. Halloween is ALWAYS 31st of October. Which means that this year it will be on a Tuesday. Luckily for all of us, most events is held during the weekend which give us all a chance to dress out and celebrate all together.
    And than there is you sick bastards who can be out for a whole night partying and still going to work the next day. I am on a mission finding out the secret of yours….
    halloween godis

    And why do we celebrate Halloween?

    Eeeh, stupid question… to dress out like sexy fairy’s and nurses. Noooo. Well thats what Halloween is for many people, and thats fine. Everyone should enjoy whatever they want to do. But historical, Halloween is a day to remember the dead. Family and friends, but it is also a day for remembering the saints (hallows) and martyrs. If you want to read a little more about it but dont have the patience to read too much. Well visit Wikipedia. Here is a link!

    But here is probably the most common question of them all, and the most tricky to answer… because there is no right or wrong answer..

    halloween coold inspo

    Youtube tutorials 

    What should i be for Halloween?

    Whatever you want! Well i know this question pops up normally because you have no idea what to dress out like and you have already used all your fantasy.  So here is some tips

    • To get inspiration i normally google a lot of stuff, finding something cool which takes me to another page or site, which take me to the next one and after a while, i found soo many cool pictures that i decide to mix em all together to the ultimate Halloween costume.
    • Search for cheap costumes at pages like ebay, tradera or blocket. There you can always find a full outfit for a really cheap price. And by searching around there you will also get some inspiration before finally finding the costume of your dreams.
    • Every time you see something cool that your immediately start thinking ”oh wow, i would like to dress out like that”, write it down, it doesn’t matter if it is February or in the middle of the summer. You might want to still remember that cool outfit when the best feast of all year is around the corner.
    • Is there anyone you always wanted to be for a day? DO you have any role models? Well, dress out like one of them!

    And for you who feel like your economic does not allow you to put out money on stupid Halloween outfits. Well, go search for things at your home. You will be surprised which cool outfits you can come up with if you just focus on your fantasy and do some mix and match.

    Here is me and my dude last Halloween. I loved that outfit and will reuse it for sure!

    last halloween outfit