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    Easy sweet potato soup

    Today i slept till 10.00 am and around 12.00 i got some friends coming over. Before they arrived i prepared some lunch for them. I had no idea what to cook so i just checked what i have at home and came up with this delicious soup. I will share the recipe with you guys but since i never measure anything i can not really write EXACTLY how i made it. But almost 🙂

    sweet potato soup

    What i used when i cooked the soup:

    2 sweet potatoes
    1 can of coconut milk
    A dash of cream
    2,5 vegetable broths
    2 small chillies
    1 yellow onion
    half garlic (ca 5 garlic cloves)
    Salt and pepper
    A little bit of Habanero chilli mix from Fynbos (i love this one but it is VERY spicy, so use it only of you like really spicy food)

    1. Cut the sweet potatoes in smaller pieces and boil them with water that just cover them in the pot. Add the broth + salt & pepper to the water while it is boiling
    2. While the potatoes is boiling, cut the garlic and the onion in to smaller pieces and fry it in butter in a frying pan for a little while, than add it to the boiling water
    3. When the potatoes are soft, add the coconut milk and a little bit of cream and let it boil together
    4. When it is boiling, turn of the heat for a little while and than add everything to a blender. Mix it all together and pour it back to the pot and heat it up to boil again. Add some more spices after taste. DONE!
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    To eat or not to eat?

    When you been sick for a long time it is important to keep a good diet.

    crab, crayfish, shrimps

    When it comes to food i just love seafood! All the shellfish, crab, shrimps, clams, oysters, you name it. It sucks, because i feel a bit bad sometimes when i eat it, after all it is still animals, but i just love it too much.
    I already stopped eating meat a pretty long time ago, and bird, and i do not miss it at all. I can probably live the rest of my life without meat. But seafood… not so sure.

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    Snaps & Ice Hockey

    So yesterday was a good day. After finishing work i headed over to the gym for a quick training session and after that i went for a really late lunch with Mom at Snaps. It is a place located at Medborgarplatsen, and i mostly visit this place during summer times since they have a great outdoor serving. But yesterday we went there to sit inside and have some nice food, have not really eaten there before tbh. When summer comes it is all about rose and beer.

    But i must say that i will probably go back there for food. It is a nice local, the food is good and the prices are normal.

    2018-01-26-10-02-15343320815.jpg 2018-01-26-10-06-21316923656.jpg

    I had a halloumi burger and my mom had their meatballs. I have no idea how they tasted but they looked better on picture than my food XD. And she also told me they were good.

    PS. They have AW prices on some of their food, my moms meatballs for example had a cheaper price than normal.
    After lunch/dinner i headed over to Globen to meet up with the guys at ”Grekiska kolgrillen” to have some beer before the Hockey game. I dont even cheer for any of the teams that played but it was fun to watch, i did some online betting before the game which made it even more fun.



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    Pizza topped with blueberries

    pizza with blueberries

    Yesterday we were out having dinner to celebrate my cousin who turned 25. We went to The Public in Sundbyberg, i really like that restaurant, not because of the food, but because of the atmosphere and the place. The interior design is very nice there.

    They had a pretty big menu, but a lot of dishes with meat, that i am not eating. So i took a pizza topped with chevre cheese, red beets, honey and blueberries. Really good!

    Tonight we will continue the celebration 😉

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    What a lovely weekend

    My first real weekend here in Stockholm since i moved back. Friday was a really tired one and i just stayed in watching shows and eating some good food with my mom and my cousin. Saturday had a bit more action. I drove the car for the first time since i got back to Sweden, i went for some really nice shopping in Vällingby centrum (i will show you later), i had a great lunch in the backyard and a really fun evening at Harry B James. So this Sunday have been a bit of a tired day, but cozy. Ordered some nice thai food that i ate in front of the tv where i spend most of the day with my cousin. A calm, not at all productive Sunday, but i will change that in about an hour.

    Btw.. omg what i have not been missing the public transport here in Sweden. We took the night bus home last night and it took forever! If hell exist and i ever have to go there, i think the devil will put me on a midnight bus where i have to spend the eternity of feeling really tired and longing for home… but i never get there….

    shrimpsandwich and wine


    I can really recommend the rose wine in the picture. Very nice and dry.

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    Shrimp Sandwich @ Bryggan Cafe och bistro

    shrimp sandwich jönköping

    For you who already know me are probably already very familiar with my love for food. Especially when it comes to seafood. One big favorite that i always eat during my visits in Sweden are the shrimp sandwich. I have tried all different types of shrimp sandwiches and know exactly where to find the really good ones. But of course i love to try out new places too.

    During my last trip to Sweden i went to a place in the city Jönköping called ”Bryggan cafe & Bistro”. A really nice place with a great view. The interior design is very fresh and cozy and i will definitely go back there. But not for the shrimp sandwich. It was ok, but thats all. And for that price it was not really worth it. It was very small and pretty tasteless. A disappointment to be honest. but my company was very happy about their food. The sandwiches looked really nice and big, the salads looked very nice (i will definitely go for the beet root salad next time), and the sweets looked delicious. And they also had some good Ipa. I was there during daytime but i can imagine that it is a really nice place to hang out during nice summer evenings in their outdoor serving spot.