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    I vote for tacos!

    homemade tacos

    Tacos, The god of food! Tacos is for sure on my top 3 list of my favorite food in the world. And i am not talking about text mex, i talk about the real deal.
    In the picture you can see my beautiful ( :p ) creation i made yesterday for lunch. Pulled Oumph tacos with tomatoes, lettuce, mango, sour cream, spicy salsa, coriander and lime.

    What is your top 3 favorite foods? 😀

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    Cherry bowl



    Breakfast, the meal of life! Sometimes in the evening when i am already in bed i start dreaming about what breakfast i will have when i wake up. Thats how much i love breakfast ;D

    This smoothie is made from: banana, yogurt, blueberries and raspberries

    On the top i have:

      • Cherries
      • Hempseed
      • Peanut butter
      • Coconut
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    Chocolate oatmeal with topping

    chocolate oatmeal with topping

    This yummy breakfast is made from Oats, oat-milk with chocolate flavor, kiwi, peach, bananas, walnuts, hemp seeds and peanut butter.

    I love waking up in the morning and make a delicious breakfast. Just relaxing and enjoying some ”me-time”. And tbh, i like it even better in the Autumns. When it dark and cozy in the mornings.

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    Friday snack


    Is it only me who loves to make small finger food/snacks when the weekend comes? It gives some extra spice to the Friday feeling. Yesterdays creation was made from crackers, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, basilica and a dash of balsamico. Easy, simple Yummy ♥

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    Homemade Vietnamese Springrolls

    homemade Vietnamese springrolls

    I love to cook, and i love to try out new things to cook. One of my favorite things to eat is Vietnamese springrolls. You can make them in so many different ways and they always taste fresh and yummy.

    Yesterday i made some for me, my sister & L. Since they eat meat i made theirs with chicken. Mine was instead made with lettuce, bean sprouts, avocado, carrots, shrimps, coriander, chili and peaches. And they came out delicious!

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    When breakfast is on your mind

    Are you guys like? Love to wake up in the morning and make some really nice breakfast?
    Sometimes i am even planning what to eat for breakfast right before i fall asleep in my bed. Normally i try to wake up early in the weeks and start my day with a cup of tea or coffee, it depends what i feel like. Sometimes i like to enjoy my breakfast first and then have a coffee after that.

    nice breaky bowl

    When it comes to breakfast i have 3 different standard breakfast that i normally eat. I chose which ever my body feel like having.

    First one is a simple standard breakfast with a sandwich, a boiled egg and a smoothie. And what do i have on my sandwich? It depends what i feel like. Sometimes i have avocado, sometimes i put the egg on the sandwich with caviar and sometimes i just have cheese.

    Second one is oatmeal. I love my oatmeal and i really like how you can make it different from day to day. one of my favorites is to mix the oats with cocos, bananas and blueberries before heating it up with water. Than i add some seeds and nuts together with honey on top of it and pour some almond milk on it. This is one of my favorite breakfast!

    Third one is Greek or Turkish yogurt with berries, fruits, nuts, seeds, honey and peanut-butter on top. Simple and yummy!

    big breakfast in cambodia

    Sometimes i eat other stuff like a nice omelette mixed with veggies and Dijon mustard.

    What is your favorite breakfast?

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    Eating sushi in Malta

    Since i arrived in Malta one week ago i have been eating out a lot, like you do when travelling. Even if this is not really like travelling for me, it is more like visiting my other home.
    But i have had cravings for sushi every single day! Normally i vary my food a lot but i this time i think i have been eating sushi almost every day. Eating sushi out, ordering sushi to eat in bed.. you name it. But i tell you one thing, there is a lot of good sushi places here on the island. i will write you guys a guide to great sushi in Malta later 😉

    eating sushi at hugos lounge

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    Dinner at the food mall

    Not only do we have a food market next to our hotel, we also have a underground food mall. I love walking around at those places to discover new food to try out. Yesterday i ended up having a Traditional dish from Hue in Vietnam, a noodle soup with snake-head fish. It was really good.