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    Saturday with bestie


    Idag fyller min bästis Linda år!! Vi började fira henne redan igår med bubbel middag och en lite utgång. Vi däckade sedan båda två i hennes soffa och har spenderat en trött morgon tillsammans innan jag rörde mig hemåt. En härlig och mysig bästis-kväll helt enkelt.


    // Today is my best friend Lindas birthday!! We started celebrating her yesterday already with bubbles, dinner and a visit at a bar. We both passed out in her sofa in the middle of the night and have spent a very tired morning together before i headed home. A nice & fun bestie-night. //

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    Another music video

    Igår när jag vaknade upp så hade jag fått ett meddelande av en vän om att vi var med i Hardcore Superstars senaste musikvideo (2.13). KUL

    //Yesterday when i woke up i had received a message from a friend telling me that she and i was in Hardcore Superstars latest music video (2.13). SWEET! //

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    A weekend trip, but not for me this time

    eiffel tower

    God morgon! Det är redan Torsdag och helgen närmar sig med stormsteg. Denna helg har jag ytterligare födelsedagsplaner. Inte för att fira min egen men för att fira min bästa vän. Hon kom förbi här under min dag och vi firade tillsammans hon, jag och min familj. Sedan hade vi fest tillsammans förra helgen med de närmsta av våra vänner, och denna helg är det hennes dag. 

    Annars händer inte så mycket under helgen. Det blir tomt hemma då mina föräldrar åker till Paris idag. Det är jag och mina systrar som skickar dem dit på en weekend då de fick det i födelsedagspresent i början av sommaren. Det är andra gången jag ger bort en weekend resa i present. För några år sedan gav jag bort en weekend till Budapest till min pojkvän. Det är en så rolig grej att ge bort och verkligen en uppskattad present!

    // Good morning! It is already Thursday and the weekend is getting closer. This weekend i have some more birthday celebration in mind. Not to celebrate my own again but my best friends birthday. She came by my house on my big day to celebrate just with me and my family. Last weekend we had a party together, and this weekend it is her big day.

    Other than that there is not too much going on this weekend. The house will get empty since my parents are going to Paris later today. It is me and my sisters who send them there as a birthday gift. They received it from us in the beginning of summer when they both had their birthday. It is the second time i give away a weekend trip as a birthday gift. It is such a nice and appreciated thing to give away and receive as a birthday gift. //

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    A weekend of celebration

    Friday was calm, but that was just to prepare for a wild Saturday. Me and my bestie (that i known since we were born) had a birthday party together at Saturday evening. The theme was ”School disco”. It was a lot of fun and it was so nice to see all the people who took their time to come over and celebrate us. Thank you all for a great evening ❤

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    25 days left

    Today it is 25 days until i leave Sweden again. And i also decided today that i wont pay my car taxes or insurance for the upcoming year. I dont know when i am coming back to Sweden again, which means i dont know when i will use my car again. But now i will go 3,5 weeks without my little pearl.. 🙁 Well at least my mom and dad has two other cars i can borrow if needed 😀

    25 days… I will miss Sweden but i am also looking forward a lot to stay in my apartment in Spain. It is really nice and i LOVE the kitchen. I will cook so much food in there.


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    Some pics from my weekend

    The weekend was really nice and i spent it with some of my favorite people. Friday i went to Helgö as you already know. And yesterday i had some people over for a game-night. I love bringing a group of people together and play different kind of games. I have some really good ones stored that i will share with you guys later. First i have another important blog post to prepare 😉

    Maybe not the best pics, but better than nothing 😛

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    Friday at Helgö

    The weekend started off with a boat trip to Helgö where we spent the evening and night with dinner and drinks. When we woke up this morning the weather was really good so we decided to go out with the boat again.
    And now i just got home. Will relax a bit and then start preparing for the evening.

    boat in stockholm

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    We’ll never know What stands behind the door

    Today it is exactly one year ago since i left Malta. And exactly 4 years ago i moved to Malta. Time flies, and since i left Malta i have managed to visit Malta twice, traveled to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Spain. And the last one is where i am moving later this Autumn.

    On year ago when i left Malta, i had no plans at all of doing any of this. This is proof that you never know what waits around the corner. I am a living proof that life can really change a lot from day to day. For good and for bad.