Everyday life

Sick & busy week

I am very positive that I am soon immune against all kind of sickness that you can ever get here in Sweden.. no more pls, have mercy on me with all this cold all flues ๐Ÿ‘

Well at least I’m back now! Or almost. I’m back at work at least but I’m still not feeling great. Thankfully it is Friday tomorrow which I will enjoy calmly in a warm sofa with nice food and movies. 

Me being “healthy” at the office

My weekend

A lot has been up this weekend. It started with an AW at the office, followed by a dinner out, followed by a visit at Cafe Opera, followed by a visit at Sturehof, followed by a visit at Laughing duck..
With other words it was a long Friday, but i need nights like that ever now and than.

Saturday i spent outdoor with my sister… playing Pokemon Go. Yes, i am playing Pokemon Go! I am one of these people who like to dress up, looking really serious… and hide my mobile when people pass by, just because i am actually walking around playing Pokemon Go. I shouldn’t. Hide it i mean… i dont know why i am doing that ๐Ÿ˜›
Well it was a successful Pokemon collecting and battle day. I enjoyed it.

In the evening me and my whole family went to myย uncle for a crayfish party., and i think we ended up dancing till 5.30 in the morning… It was a fun evening.
And yeah, my boyfriend that i havent seen since beginning of September also arrived last night to Sweden ๐Ÿ˜€

a picture of me

Busy week

This week has been very busy. I have had things on my schedule almost every day after work, and i managed to get myself a new gym membership and go training 3 times this week. So far i am very happy about the membership. I will try it out for a couple of more weeks and write a review about it here in my blog for you guys. And no, it is not SATS.

So yes, it has been a very tired week for me, especially today since it got waaay later than i am used too. But that was an exception since i was at Rolling MF Stones at Friends Arena. They are always great. BUT, i have to admit that they were better the last time i saw them live a couple of years ago. They had more connection with the public and the show felt more personal. But still, they were really good yesterday, the guys know their thing!

So what is the plans for the weekend?
After work i will leave straight to my summer place where i will spend the weekend with my family, cousins and partners and enjoy some nice Swedish crayfishes.ย  I never say no to that.

How has your week been and what is your weekend plans?

20171013_142601-11406579544.png 20171013_1426371204356571.png

A calm weekend

A calm weekend with not too much activity. But still i am extremely tired. A while a go i bought a fitbit watch. Mostly to keep track of my sleep. I set the goal as 8 hours per night which i have never managed to receive, until last night. For the first time (probably since i moved back to Sweden) i managed to sleep more than 8 hours. Lets see when next time will be ๐Ÿ˜‰
I will write more about that watch later, i actually like it a lot, so it was a good investment. But for now, i think i have to chill a bot with the shopping, i managed to spend a lot more than planned this month. But i did also buy a car, which added pretty much to my monthly shopping budget.

Now i am gonna light a lot of candles and crawl down under my blanket to watch something and dream back to the warm summer days that i had my last summer i lived in Malta.

cafe del mar malta cafe del mar malta champagne showers champagne showers malta

Hellooo Saturday. I was expecting a calm weekend but not this calm. I realized that moving to a new country often comes with a lot new bacterias thatย  am no longer used to. Thats why i have been feeling a bit weak lately. So better having a really calm weekend just being at home this week. Next week i have some plans and trips on my schedule and i really want to feel better soon.

Except from wining a bit over my health, i just want to wish you all a great weekend. I am not that down actually, i am pretty happy these days ๐Ÿ™‚ (just one thing is missing)pantera rock chic

New Jacket

fur jacket


Received one of my new jackets the other day in the mail. A fur (fake ofc, i love animals) jacket in multi-color. Super cute! I ordered a lot of other things too but i will show you guys after i tried them on. But this place is one of my top favorite ones when it comes to order clothes since they have a great collection to chose between, good prices and always fast deliveries and customer support.
I ordered the jacket from here.

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