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    Cheap and easy ways to get younger skin

    healthy skin fast

    Who doesn’t want the perfect young looking skin to last forever? I think we all dream about it, but the more time passes the more tired out skin gets, its just natural. But there is ofcourse ways to slow down the aging process of the skin. But the question is: do you really need to spend a fortune on expensive creams to do so? Or is there any cheap ways to get the perfect skin?
    There is. And the ways of reaching there is closer and cheaper than you think. Here is a list of easy ways to get a younger skin that doesn’t cost much at all.

    • Start sleeping on your back (if you are not already doing that). When sleeping on your stomach or side you will press your face against the pillow. After a while that will start showing in your face in forms of small lines. The less you sleep with the face in the pillow, the less it will hurt your skin. By sleeping on your back with your head a little higher, it will also increase the blood circulation and leave your face with less puffiness after waking up.
    • Give yourself daily face-massage. By massaging your face just a little bit everyday it will help the blood circulation to make your skin fresh and rosy. A lot of Chinese women claiming that thats the secret to their young looking porcelain skin. But do not massage the skin to hard, just an easy touch with your finger tips.
    • Skip the sugar and bad carbs. By eating a lot of white bread, candy, fried food and other unhealthy options, you can give youself problems with ACNE or other bad skin condition. Bad carbs and fat = Bad for your skin.
    • Drink a lot of water. You dont necessary need to pour liters and liters of water in you every day to make sure yours skin get enough. Just make sure that you never get dried out.
    • Dont eat to much salt. Salt will collect a lot of liquid in your body and make the skin look puffy and swollen. If you often feel swollen in your face, salt can be the reason. It is not only the one you find in pure form, a lot of sauces, fast food and other food supply can contain a high amount of salt.
    • Dont use too much covering products in your face. Especially around the eyes. By using too much products like concealer and foundation, it will decrease your skins natural luster and make it look more old and tired than normally.
    • Stop smoking! Probably one of the best thing you can do to both yourself and your skin. Smoking is not only harming your health but are also very bad for your skin. By stop smoking you will experience more luster, less wrinkles and a much more happy skin.
    • Eat healthy fat. Some people are scared about eating fat, you should not be. Just make sure that the fat you are eating is the good one. Feed yourself with healthy fat that you find in food like fat fish, avocado and nuts. Your skin will thank you for it by staying soft and smooth.
    • Use sun-protection! Too much direct sun on your skin is really bad. Not only will it dry out your skin and increase the lines in your face. It can also give you sun damages on your skin and ugly spots, and worse of all it will increase the risk of getting skin cancer. So be out and enjoy the sunny days, but make sure your skin is well protected.
    • Make sure you get enough sleep. During the sleep the skin and body is repairing itself. Lack of sleep will slower the healing process down and make your skin look tired.
    • Always wash off you makeup before going to bed. This will help your skin to stay clean and fresh. By sleeping with your makeup on you will plug your pores which will lead to bad skin in form of pimples and dirty skin.

    This was some quick and easy tips of fixes you can start doing today to increase the health of your skin. Start following these steps and your body and skin will thank you for it.

    • healthy skin fast
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    Health benefits from eating eggs

    When it comes to eating eggs i think we are paired in 50% who thinks that eating the yolk is good for us and 50% who thinks it is bad for us. I have always thought it is more good than bad for us, but when you eat it in the right amount. We have a word for that in Swedish that no other language have, Lagom. It basically means not to much and not to little, just the right amount. However, i love eggs, you can do so much with them and they are delicious.

    Recently i read a Swedish article about a study they have made about eating eggs. Is it good or bad for your cholesterol? Should you stop eating eggs or should you continue to eat as much as you want of it?

    This study was made on rats ( i am very much against tests on animals and i hope this was not a painful one). They let half of the rats eat eggs, 3-4 a day and the other half was eating food with other fatty acid composition. After 6 weeks of this study it showed that the rats who had been eating eggs only had good health benefits. They had better cholesterol, better metabolic health benefits and reduction of fat in both the liver and abdomen. It showed that the rats who was eating the egg yolk had a reduction of an enzyme that helped them get better cholesterol.

    So good news for you who also love to eat eggs. If this study is right, there is only health benefits by eating eggs. But of course you should always eat everything in normal amounts. In this article they also wrote about 3-4 eggs a day, which they did in the study. We still dont know if 10 eggs a day is healthy or not so lets stay safe at eat the recommended amount.

    Eggs for breakfast